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Being Deaf and wanting to become a CSI

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by deafcsi • | | 0 comments
Greetings. I am interested in pursuing a career/education in the field of Crime Scene Investigator preferably in Toxicology or Latent Finger Print however, I am deaf. I was not born deaf therefore, I am able to speak fluently as English is my first language. Are there any deaf CSI students anywh...read more
by GRN3500gt • | | 0 comments
Good day, My Girlfriend is going to graduate in a month with a Bachelors in Forensic Science and I wanted to get her something nice as a congratulations gift that is relevant to her field and perhaps even useful. what would be something you would recommend? I have found mugs and shirts et...read more
by kirstenk_hall • | | 1 comment
Does anyone have any suggestions on developing latents on thermal paper without destroying the paper? We have Oil Red O, but are out of the buffer chemical and I hesitate to use the solution without the buffer since it could make the paper brittle. I'm at a fairly small department so our resourc...read more
by James Webb • | | 0 comments
My name is James and I am having to do a project if interviewing a criminal investigator or someone in that field. It is due by May 08 and will need that person to answer some questions pertaining to that field. (Email: james.webb@berrien.k12.ga.us) The questions that i am required to ask are....read more
by Bharat Singh • | | 0 comments
Hello sir, My name is Bharat singh, I am a post graduate (Master's) in Forensic Science with specialization in biology, i want to work with Forensic science Laboratories of Canada..Can you guide me how can i do that? I am from India (Email id: bsingh7120@gmail.com)
by baidai66 • | | 0 comments
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by Freya rojas • | | 0 comments
hello, my name is Freya Rojas and I am a criminology and criminal justice student at ASU and I want to ask a favor, I want to interview a crime scene investigator for my criminal justice class for a final project which states that I need to find an agency in this field and interview a employee o...read more
by Chris • | | 1 comment
Hi I'm just looking for some advice on which Masters is most likely to lead to a job. I have a degree in Biotech, a diploma in crime scene investigation methods and have been a police officer for 7 years. I am hoping to do a Masters either in Ballistics, explosives or just a general one that bro...read more
by Anthony • | | 0 comments
Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anybody in the world of forensics (or anyone else) has done research on how the different fabric types of clothing affects the quality of bloody footwear marks/impressions on clothing? And also if it's something worth doing research on? Many thanks, An...read more
by J.Baker • | | 1 comment
I am interested in anyone trained in criminal investigation to look at a few pictures of what seems like Marilyn's death scene that have surfaced. I believe they might be real. There is bruising of some sort all over her face and her hair is wet. Was she beaten or is can you tell maybe she drown...read more
by Angie • | | 1 comment
I've graduated with a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice/Criminology and I'm interested in going into Crime Scene Tech work. Which is better to land a job in this field: another degree in Crime Scene or a certificate of completion from a junior college?
by Joseph Caruana • | | 0 comments
Hi all, I am a member of the Malta Police Forensic Science Laboratory and we are searching for acquiring an evidence vacuum sweeper for use on crime scenes. On browsing on the net I have found some sweepers that could be useful for our needs, but cannot decide which to choose? Is there any wh...read more
by Op • | | 0 comments
Hello. I have a interview soon with a local coroner's office for an intern position. What kind of questions should I expect? What would be good awnsers?
by Bo Jo • | | 2 comments
What's the difference between a crime scene technician and a crime scene investigator?
by cassie • | | 0 comments
Hi i'm a sophomore in high school and i have to interview a crime scene investigator for my forensic class. The purpose of this interview would to make links between what i've learned throughout the semester in my Forensic Science class and the everyday real life roles of the wide variety of wor...read more
by student4um • | | 1 comment
Hello I am a student at a school in a small city. I chose the career of a crime scene investigator and it's manadotory for me to interview someone in this field. So if there is anyone that can do an email interview please send me an email send me an email Email infor andres_vasquez12@icloud.com
by Sadiexo • | | 0 comments
Hi, my name's Sadie. I've been thinking about going into forensics for my major. I've recently have been going to school for Early Childhood Education but realized it's not for me. I know it's a big step to go from ECE to Forensics but I've had an unsettling childhood where I feel very passionat...read more
by Rae • | | 0 comments
I am moving to Canada with an undergraduate degree in Forensic Science, does anyone know of any establishments that hire graduates or have graduate schemes? Or even internships or traineeships? Anywhere in Canada is fine.
by Joyce • | | 0 comments
Detecting fingerprints, debris, fibres, hairs, shoe marks, tire prints and other micro traces evidence on the floor/wall lever and flat surface----- OR-GZJ30B . Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries 100 minutes working time External Dimension: 142*247*50 mm 30W with brightness adjustable wh...read more
by Yvonne • | | 0 comments
I have a project and it is related to my career, which is homicide detective/crime scene investigator, and I need someone to interview. I live in a small town, so its not usual to find someone who does what I want to do. I was just wondering if anyone is willing to be my interviewee via email? I...read more
by A • | | 1 comment
Hi and thanks for reading my post. I'm a student at a local college getting my associates in Forensics and I want to be a Deputy Coroner/Coroner Investigator. Are there any death investigators here that could possibly give me some general advice regarding the hiring process/your daily job life? ...read more
by Nkosi • | | 5 comments
I am currently searching for a forensic analyst or Crime Scene Technician position. I have my degree in Forensic Science and I have 3 years experience as an officer. If anyone knows anyone with connections or knows of anyone I could network with please let me know. It would be greatly appreciate...read more
by Frankmia • | | 2 comments
I used blue star magnum luminol to detect blood inside an apt. The blood did light up an intense blue, but when I spray the wood floor almost everywhere I spray lights up a yellow greenish color. Not sure if this stuff just normally lights up yellow green by itself and just blue where blood was ...read more
by Belry • | | 1 comment
A person was missing, after 4 days the body was found in a creek bloated and the pants pulled below the buttock. The picture taken by the uncle of this missing person was that of a body with the face down lying in the ambulance completely covered with a thick green sheet, only the feet and the l...read more
by Terri Mulhern • | | 1 comment
I have 10 questions that I would like someone to answer for an assignment if at all possible. The assignment is due next week and I need to get a head start. Thank you. 1. What goes through your mind when you’re assigned a story? 2. In your experience, what makes a “good” crime story or courtr...read more
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