Am I wasting my time?

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Hello, I am currently working my tail off in school so I can become a CSI, I will accept any form of the title but would love to get into arson investigation too. I am 35 years old and have a background with mortician work and I am also an artist. I live So Cal, my father worked for the LAPD SID years ago as a sketch artist and profiler. I am not sure how to go about finding work now, all the people my father knew are long gone. Who is the best person to contact regarding work or even an internship. I want to put as much as I can on my resume that shows skill and knowledge of the field. If anyone could give me some tips it would be most appreciated.
Thank you, Jesi

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Re: Am I wasting my time?

You might need to get on as a police officer first and work for a few years on patrol.  Many departments require you be an officer for one to four years prior to being eligable for transfer to the csi department.  I am interested in the Miami Dade police department.  There you have to be an officer for a year and then you can transfer to their csi department.  Denver requires you be an officer for four years, in Seattle its 3 years.  Many departments  only hire civilians as csi's, for those departments you have to have a bachelors degree and 2-4 years experience.  You are going to need to do alot of the leg work yourself.  Go on the internet, this website, police department websites, ect.  You might need to make phone calls, or go and talk to people in person.  You can find the number for the investigation unit and talk to the lutenant in charge.  They can help you with the hiring requirments and possible volunteer oportunities.  You can see if your school offers an internship program as one of your course requirements.  You can always become a police officer and work your way up.  You will gain experience as well as get your foot in the door.  You will get to know the people in the CSI department and can show them how much you want to work with them.  I hope this helps.  Don't give up hope and keep asking around.  Get to know whoever you can in the department you want to work with.  Even if you just go once a week and ask about job openings, they will see how motivated you are to work with them.  If you must become an officer prior to working with them then you know what you need to do.  They will see how much you want to do the job, and can keep an eye out on your work.