App for photographic (non-touch) measurement.

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App for photographic (non-touch) measurement.

Hello CSI-Network,

I'm currently developing and refining an app which enables photographic or image-based measurement of objects.  The basic methodology is one places a common-sized object, or reference object near the item they wish to measure, photographs it, and then is able to measure distance, size, angle, and area.

In order to tailor and refine, and update the software in order to suit the needs of CSI, I need additional information about the requirements and essential features you might need when gathering, analyzing, and presenting photographic-measurement evidence.  In addition to measurement, are there any other tools you might need or use, especially when mobile, such as image-analysis features.

You can view information about the software on my website (here), and you can currently download it on Android.  Even better if you give it a test-run in the field, and share your thoughts and experiences.