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I'm in the midst of a career change, after 20+ years in a non-law-enforcement field, and successfully completed a panel interview for a forensic investigator position. I'm now in the background check phase, and wonder how long this typically takes? The time between my application submission and interview was one month, and between the interview and the start of the background check was approximately 3.5 weeks, Granted, as we're still in pandemic mode, I assume the process may take longer than usual. And, with 20 years of experience I have several prior jobs in my employment history, none of which are in law enforcement. I expect that will take some time. But, I'd like to get a sense of when to expect notice that I'm advancing to the next level or not. Also, it's my understanding that the results of my interview and background check will go up the chain of command, but I'm unclear on what that means. (I know who the agency's chain of command is, but does that mean each of them reviews the information?) Thank you in advance for insight.

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I feel like the pandemic is a big factor in the hiring process. I work for a large city and they have instituted a hiring freeze so I would double check to see if that is the case for your prospective employer. For mine if you weren't offered the position by the time they started the freeze, you would have to wait for who knows how long. Police depts can be exempt from that stuff sometimes too.

However, say that isn't the case then the background check, depending on the number of staff due to pandemic, it can be normally 2-3 months I'd say. From my personal experience, I was pretty much told that since I was in the background check phase, I had a really high chance of getting the position. However, it depends on number of positions being offered and size of the city and their procedures.

My interviews had our director involved so they didn't have to wait for it to "go up the chain" at all. But I would assume the people who interviewed you would make a recommendation to the higher ups who then would ultimately decide.

Many departments are different so just be patient and hang in there!