Blueprint Camp a Forensic Science CSI Youth Program

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Blueprint Camp a Forensic Science CSI Youth Program

Blueprint Camp, LLC is a newly CSI day camp youth program located in Atlanta, Georgia.  We offer real-life crime scene investigation hands-on-training to individuals that want to become specialized in Crime Scene Investigations. The camp is a weekly camp during the summer time from Monday-Friday at Clayton State University Continuing Education department.

Our objectives are implemented in sustaining real-life experiences that provides a creative, investigative, and educational opportunity with indoor and outdoor activities. Camp programming uses trained and professional leadership to contribute to the career-pathway of each camper's mental, physical, and social.

There will be daily investigative challenges from analyzing, observing, documenting, preserving, processing, and collecting physical evidence from a mock crime scene and presented in a moot criminal trial. Each camper will learn how to document the scene with note taking, forensic digital photography, and crime scene sketching. In addition, there will be processing fingerprints, impression evidence, trace evidence, and reconstruction of bloodstain pattern analysis.

If you would like more information on our 2015 CSI  program, please visit our website at, email at or call us at  404-827-8884.
Blueprint Camp