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Hello, My name is Rylie Miller. I am curretly a junior at Cactus Highschool, and I am in a BioTechnology and Apps class. I was wondering if you could take a few minutes and answer the following questions for an honors research project on Forensic sciences. Thank you so much if you get back to me.
1.What field of forensic science are you in?
2.What are some of your daily duties or routines for your job?
3.What education do you  need to get into the field of work you are in?
4.What are a few skills that are required for your position?
5. What does a typical work day for you look like?
6.What is your annual salary?

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Re: CSI forensic investigator Job questions

1) I work in the field and in the lab as a Forensic Scientist. That means I respond to and process crime scenes and also do fingerprint comparisons.

2) To document, process and collect evidence at crime scenes. When not at scenes, I process evidence for fingerprints/DNA/blood/fibers. I also do fingerprint comparisons.

3) I have a Bachelor of Science degree but the level of education can depend on the job/where it is located.

4) Good verbal and written communication skills. Good knowledge of scientific methods and laboratory techniques as they relate to forensic science. Ability to handle delicate situations.

5) When I first get in, I read over emails to see if there are any updates about cases that apply to me/ones I responded to. We stay in our lab the entire time until a call comes in, at which point we then respond out. I will process evidence in our lab for fingerprints, DNA, blood, hairs/fibers. I will also examine the fingerprints we develop and collect and run them through our AFIS databases and potentially compare them to individuals.

6) I started at $46,000/year and after two years I am at approximately $58,000/year.