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I'm a biology major and I have 3 semesters left in getting my bachelor's of science degree. I picked two careers I would love to go for. My first one is physician assistant. I had an unexpected surprise and had a baby girl about a year ago. Now I'm looking into the second career I would love to do and that's crime scene investigation.
I talked to my academic advisor and she gave me some advice so I'm on here looking for more advice. The CJ program here is not geared towards forensic science and I have a lot of science background. From chemistry, botany to bacteriology. I have about 6-7 science classes I need to finish inorder to graduate. Is there anything I could do to gear me towards forensic science w/o having to go through another bachelor's degree program?

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Hi Desiree-

Your future biology degree puts you in a great place to become a Forensic Scientist.  Usually a four year degree in a hard science will get you into that position.  A CSI job might require some further training for field work.  This can be achieved through a certificate or all the way up to a masters degree depending on what you want.

If becoming something more along the lines of a Forensic Scientist isn't what you want, but you would rather persue CSI, look at our Colleges and Training page (http://www.crime-scene-investigator.net/csi-training.html) to see what programs are offered that will fit your time schedule.  There are even many online degrees that you can get, or certificate programs that you can accomplish quickly!

Hope that helps you.

For further info, you can read our Become a CSI page: http://www.crime-scene-investigator.net/becomeone.html