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I have always been passionate about crime scene investigation, forensics, and LE. I already have a degree in CJ and security background. I'm just debating whether to go forward and continue my education to pursue CSI. I live in Nashville and am finding it almost impossible to find someone in the field I can talk to. I'm not some avid CSI or DiscoveryID fan. I know it's hard, often frustrating work that can be tedious and even when you find what you're looking for it may not always get the results you hoped for. I would be taking a pay cut if I were to go into the field, but it's not about the money. Anyone have any insight on how to get your foot in the door?

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Are you a recent graduate??

Many careers out there as a CSI (Forensic Technician or whatever other various ways they title it) usually require the degree to be in Criminal Justice OR RELATED field, which can include difference sciences, etc. So it really depends on if you want to pursue the forensic degree, but I don't think it will be the one thing that lands you a job. Many, unfortunately, require some type of experience but of course, how does one gain that if you can't get it in the first place.

My real big piece of advice, is to apply to any and all places that have an opening. It is probably the best way to put yourself out there and even if it is to only get the interview practice, that is important as well. It took me awhile and over 90 job applications and a few interviews to finally land a career. time and patience are key!

I also highly recommend finding an internship to help you gain some real life experience, it stands out on a resume. Also, networking through the IAI or AAFS, attending conferences can put you in touch with people in the field too.