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My name is Jeff LIngafelter, I am very interested in a career in Private investigation. I am seeing if you could tell me what types of education/qualifications investigation agency look for in a individual. I have researched on the net but come up with different info every time. What about home course like DTI or Global? I have ran a crossed the P.I union (not sure about this one) or would some course in Criminal Justice at a actual College be better. The home degrees would fit into my life better right now (DTI etc.…) right now but does agency except this as anything.
Thanks in advance

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Dear Jeff, Go With Criminal Justice. People Forget On The Outside Of This Biz That You Have To Testify In Court!! Attorney's Hire Investigators To Dig Dirt. Check Your Past Out!! If It's Embarrassing And Your Over 18 Years Old Or Join Any Private Investigator Training School. You Can Find School At Google