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College Career Project Interview!

Yazmin Garcia
Hi I'm a freshman at San Jacinto College and I'm taking GUST and we have this big career project coming up. Therefore, we have to interview someone professional or an expert in this field or career. I was wondering if I could ask some questions and if ya'll could please answer me back. I chose crime scene investigator and I hope I can get the answers I'm looking for :)

My questions are:

1) Do you love what you do?
2) What degrees have you earned?
3) What motivated you to get into this industry?
4) What is your least favorite part of the job?
5) What is your favorite part of the job?
6) What's a typical normal day at work for you?
7) What' success to you? In your own words.
8) How old were you when you decided on this career?
9) How's the work environment?
10) If you could go back to change your major would you?

If possible, could you please answer or forward to someone willing to answer so that I can complete my research.  I would be very appreciative!  Thank you in advance for your time!

       Yazmin Garcia