Crime Scene Investigation e-guide

Posted by Karl Walter Keirstead Karl Walter Keirstead
My area of expertise is profiling of subjects involved in hostage, barricade and suicide critical incidents. Our group evolved an e-guide for carrying out negotiations based on observed traits of subjects. (what to say, what not to say, etc.)

We have tried for two years to interest a couple of publishers of crime scene investigation field guides (paper only), with no success.

Is there a demand across crime scene investigators for an electronic field guide that would work as a checklist/with instructions for each type of task, with facilities at tablets or laptops to record data, track chain of custody etc. ?  

If yes, we might be able to go back to the publishers and get them to reconsider allowing us to publish an e-guide and give them a royalty.

Your Crime Scene Investigator Network has an impressive collection of protocols. My folks could easily consolidate all of this into an application that would allow crime scene investigators to collect and consolidate data.

Thanks in advance for your feedback . . .