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background check

in Careers
by Sam • | | 5 comments
Can anyone tell me what investigators do during a background check for a forensic position?
by paulgitt • | | 0 comments
I'm considering starting a DNA lab. Can anyone help with how I might go about doing this and what resources could be helpful?

Where to go from here.

in Education
by Ebony2365 • | | 0 comments
Hey, I need help, I am currently working on an associates in crime scene investigations. I also keep hearing that a bach, in Forensic Science is not recomended, I dont know what to do next. I would like to work with the FBI, I dont know what degree I need, Do I need to major in Biology next Or more

Is this school respectable?

in Education
by Pirjo • | | 3 comments
Hi. I am an finnish woman who is living in Germany. I am looking into studying online to become crime scene investigator. I found this school, American Institute of Applied Science, online. I was wondering if it is respectable, and if it will provide any help for me on my way to my dream career.

Do you need to be

in Careers
by sosteve • | | 1 comment
To work in CSI do you need to be a US ciziten first.

Advance Photography Classes

in Education
by DennisD • | | 1 comment
Good Day, Hey, does anyone know of ANY advance photography classes in Arizona or New Mexico? I want to get some advanced training in digital but most of the trainings are for newbies!

Private and Independent Labs

in Careers
by Budde • | | 3 comments
I was wondering, How often, do you think Private and Independent labs work with law enforcement agencies to process and analyze crime scenes? Meaning they would get a call, go to the scene, process it and take it to their lab and analyze it; along with notifying the police agency with their more
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