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Change in career orientation

in Careers
by Mbelk • | | 0 comments
Hallo!I am currently studing for a bachelor in business administration but recently i suffered from a change of hearts and now i really want to become a crime scene investigator. My question is whether it is too late for me to apply for such job and whether i should continue my current more

Finding cases online?

in Research
by jantunf • | | 2 comments
I was wondering if anyone had some useful information in how to look up cases online? Currently, I am trying to find documentation of evidence collected in the Timothy McVeigh case, and I get stuck on what exactly I would type in the search engine. I have come across problems like this more


in Careers
by Steve316 • | | 0 comments
Hi, I am Steve. I am currently studying criminal justice online from phoenix. I have a question. Can I get a CJ job while studying it online? Thanks!
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