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Kaplan University Midterm Interview Proposal

in Careers
by MystiqDarkness • | | 4 comments
Ok here's where I need help. But first I do have a comment to make to everyone who thinks that Kaplan University is not accredited. Yes it is, it is one of the three top between ITT Tech, DeVry and Kaplan. I actually know two graduates that have careers in the Criminal Justice Field that more

types of jobs in CSI

in Careers
by anonymous • | | 1 comment
what are different types of jobs in CSI? i saw there was a forensic analyst and a Crime Scene Technican. Can you write the different jobs and explain which one does what? Thankz.

age and handprinter

in Forensic Techniques
by csi_sky • | | 2 comments
Is it possible to determine the age from an headprinter ?

headprint and age stime

in Research
by csi_sky • | | 0 comments
How can determine (approximatelly) the age of a person from the handprint ?

Help needed!

in Careers
by kristy6852 • | | 0 comments
I will graduate next month with an associates degree in criminal justice and psychology. I am currently working on my final paper that has to do with a future career I would like to pursue. Any extra information that can be sent would be great. My paper is due April 23, 2009. Please only more

Career Path Questions

in Careers
by HCaruso • | | 2 comments
Good Evening, I am currently in my Junior year getting a bachelors in Criminal Justice-Police Emphasis, and this fall they are adding a new degree, a Forensic Science degree which focuses on crime scene processing, BSPA(Bloodstain Pattern Analysis) and all the good stuff, and my adviser told more

Educational textbooks

in Education
by Sam • | | 1 comment
I'm looking for a good textbook about palm prints and the Henry classification system.
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