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Need help with a college/university

in Education
by Fernando • | | 3 comments
Hi, my name is Fernando. Currently I'm finishing my AA at a Seattle College, afterward I plan to go to the Seattle University for their Criminal Justice Degree, I still have 1 more quarter before I can even consider applying, and as the time gets closer I get more nervous. I would like to more
by Amanda • | | 0 comments
I am really interested in becoming a CSI. I am even more interested in working in the lab. I was wanting to know what other jobs do they have in the lab besides latent fingerprint specialists. Are there any accredited online colleges that are respected by employers? I am a stay at home mom and more

is that the real

in Careers
by chanaka • | | 4 comments
is that the real thing in csi which as shows as in csi new york tv series.because that's reason i'm going to do a degree in forensic science i want to what im going to do is real?


in Careers
by chanaka • | | 2 comments
im student in sri lanka and im hoping to do degree in forensic science in wolverhapmton univercity in uk there are too degrees 1.forensic science Bsc(hons) 2.fornsic science and criminology and criminal justise what whould be the best to me to become and csi investigator who works in the field more
by mclean8183 • | | 1 comment
if u got arrest one time and it was a first affender program and has been over 7 to 8 yrs ago will that hurt you getting on as a csi after to go to school or do the online courses to get cerifly for the job. please let me know.
by Wone Murder • | | 0 comments
Greetings: New to the site and in search of some smart comment or direction - Since last year we've been writing on the 2006 unsolved and vexing DC murder case of Robert Wone. No murder charges have been filed but three defendants face trial in May 2010 on conspiracy, tampering and more
by Lindaschr • | | 0 comments
Dear all, Does anyone know how to get in touch with SGGT Robert Jensen? I'm a fourth year forensic science student from the Netherlands and i'm searching for SSGT Robert Jensen concerning his artikel on Infrared Aerial Photography. I really would like to get in contact with him but the more
by lilbit1971 • | | 2 comments
Does anyone know how to find courses in just latent fingerprint examination and get a ceritification in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? Any suggestions or ideas would be very, very welcome! Thanks in advance! Lisa

How much school do I need?

in Careers
by Aimee • | | 13 comments
I don't know what classes to take niether how many yrs. Someone help.
by CY • | | 1 comment
If A who is right-handed and stood behind B, then stab B with a knife on B shoulder/back, how the shape of the slit caused by the knife would be formed...would it be like "/" or "\"?

Crime Scene Investigators- Requirments?

in Careers
by Mandi • | | 1 comment
I am currently working on my asst. degree in Criminal Investigations and I am so excited to get out and start working, but I am afraid that I will not get hired because I had two felonies on my record that are now misdemeanor. (I have not been in any trouble since these charges which was about more
by karin • | | 2 comments
I am looking into CSI field and would like to know if there is an age limit for employment , Im in my late 30's and some one told me I was to old for the field???? that getting a job once I had the education would be impossible This was crushing because I have been interested in the study more


in Careers
by Brenda • | | 2 comments
My dream. One question. CAn i be one without being a police officer first
by Nanee • | | 0 comments
what kind of websites take you through a step by step procedure on a fake case
by ccolvin2 • | | 0 comments
I am working hard on a 4 year bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice at Georgia State University. Does anyone feel that this is a sound degree to have in getting into the field of crime scene work or evidence work?
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