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by STebedo91 • | | 0 comments
I am a student at Valencia Community College in Orlando Florida. I need to do an informational interview for a paper so if you don't mind answering a few questions. 1. What degrees, licences, or other credentials are required for a job in Crime Scene Investigation? 2. What are the most more
by WrayL • | | 0 comments
I am currently a year 13 student at Priesthorpe School, Pudsey and have been selected to produce an extended project under the AQABAC scheme. As part of my research i was hoping to be able to get some answers from someone who is actually involved in forensic science, could you spare some time more
by Jade • | | 1 comment
Can someone please assist and be honest with me. My son would like to pursue a career as a CSI Technician and eventually investigator, However he is faced with the challenge of having a 3rd degree felony gun charge? Will he have a chance in this career? What State? Which agency?....Thank more
by GurlOutta-SXM • | | 0 comments
I would like to know how you become a CSInvesitgator.. but would rather read it from a experienced person instead of all the time searching it up... I find CSI is a awesome job.. same goes for forensic.. but exactly what subjects do i need to have as main base since I'm in sum kind of junior more
by john • | | 0 comments
Hey everyone, i am at a point where i would like to choose a different career path from what i am doing now. I currently work for the state of Illinois in transportation. Its not a bad gig but i just see it going nowhere since there is alot of politics in moving around/promotions etc. Anyway, i more

What would be a good minor for me?

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by LadyLuminol18 • | | 1 comment
Hello! I am (probably obviously) new to this forum but not the site. There is a University I will be attending where my major will be Criminal Justice with emphasis in Forensic Science. There are two tracks for the forensic science - one will be focusing mainly on lab work and the other mainly more
by Mark • | | 3 comments
Hi. I am a high school science teacher currently teaching a forensic science course. I have been looking for a fingerprint scanner that will give me an image of the print. It gets to be a pain having 100 students inking their prints, and scanning all of those would kill me. All that I have more
by mies • | | 2 comments
Hello, I have a question about gun shot residue protocols. I kneed to know the following please : In a shooting case where the deceased has head wounds,hairs from around the wounds are collected during the autopsy, for gunshot residue analysis. This testing is done to help determine more
by julious mabunay • | | 0 comments
Facts: A man who have quarrel with his girlfriend thereafter his girlfriend grabbed the car key and enter inside the car and close the car door and gunfire was heard. There and then the man entered the car and brought his girlfriend to the nearest hospital wherein the physician more

Need some advice for a homework project.

in Research
by Sue H • | | 2 comments
Hi all, I hope someone can help. My 11 year old has a Science homework project and could use a little advice on one aspect of it. The project is to write a screenplay for an episode of a crime scene drama, and do a powerpoint display with photographs She has photographed her crime scene, more
by Sarah • | | 0 comments
I would appreciate informationon any agency or institutionin the UK that does online Forensic Investigator training.
by Melissa • | | 0 comments
I am taking online schooling to get my AA in crime scence investigation. I also want to go for my bachelor's to but I don't know if I should go for my bachelor's in crime scene investigation or in criminal justice what will benifet me the most.
by Melissa • | | 0 comments
I am taking online schooling to get my AA in crime scence investigation. I also want to go for my bachelor's to but I don't know if I should go for my bachelor's in crime scene investigation or in criminal justice what will benifet my the most.
by csi4526 • | | 5 comments
Does anyone out there have any information on the pros/cons of sworn vs. non-sworn staff conducting csi work? thanks
by Christine • | | 1 comment
I am currently going to a community college and am considering different career paths. I am interested in becoming a forensic photographer and am not sure what kind of degree I need to pursue this. What kind of degree do I need? What do I need to major in? What kind of classes do I more
by lakreasha smith • | | 0 comments
what colleges or schools do you have to attend to become a crime scene investigator?
by Lisa • | | 0 comments
Can anyone who works in CSI or LE in the DFW, Tx area point me in the right direction? I want to volunteer or ride along with a LE agency for CSI or police. I've already graduated so I can't do an internship. Any agency will do. Thanks in advance!
by Cole Huffer • | | 1 comment
Can I get a job in crime scene investigation with a bachelors in biology or chemistry and a minor in forensic studies? This seems to be the closest thing I can take by the colleges that are close to me.
by elarue • | | 0 comments
I am currently attending i.t.t technical institute for criminal justice. i am in my first quarter, and have decided i wanted a career in crime scene investigations. after i get my associates in criminal justice, what would be the best thing for me to do after graduating to ensure a career in csi?
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by Heather • | | 1 comment
Will my record hinder me from becoming a Forensic Scientist
by Cori Hubeli • | | 0 comments
I would like to interview a CSI for my paper. If the following questions could be answered that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help. I look forward to looking into this career. 1. What was your major in college? 2. What college courses have been most beneficial to you in more
by wandahoo • | | 10 comments
I am getting ready to start classes for crime scene investiations and i have 2 mistor meaners 1 from 1992 and 1 from about 5 years ago and i want to find out if i can still get hired. I do not want to waste my time and money if I can not get a job after I graduate.
by Jenny • | | 3 comments
Where do you start? What school should I look at in MO and this is to start an education in Crime Scene Investigations?
by brittani wiley • | | 0 comments
what classes to i need to take to become a crime scene investigator? and about how long will all of it take?
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