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by George • | | 0 comments
If I get an associate's degree in criminal justice and psychology right after high school, how much longer will it take for me to become a CSI? Can I apply for the job right away? Do I have to have experience as an officer before I apply, or do I get the job first and then go to an academy for more
by Fly.Yang • | | 0 comments
After finish the course in college,how can the people apply to become a CSI?And what makes the Crime Lab choose to employ a person?Thank you .
by Blondy babe magz • | | 1 comment
Hey im 16 currently studying year 11 at high school and i have been putting some serious thought into where i want my career parth way to go and i was reading up about being a C.S.I, i like a challenge and i want a job that i will never get bored of as they say u never work a day only if u love more
by blondie_gurl • | | 3 comments
how much would it be to be a crime scene investigator
by A.Mathieu • | | 1 comment
I am in grade nine and I live in Canada. I was wondering what subjects I should take in highschool, so that I can be a crime scene investigator. I would also like to know what I must do after Highschool to become a crime scene investigator. Thank you for your time. -Austin Mathieu
by wal1809 • | | 2 comments
This is a car involved in an aggravated robbery where a pistol was fired at the victim. I have gone blind trying to enhance the image to get the license plate from the image. Maybe some of you digital gurus can solve the case. Let me know please [IMG] more
by Shakespeare Cat • | | 1 comment
I am looking to change my career and really more than anything like to train as a csi i live in england but want to train in the usa can anybody give me advice i have good grades and i also have good grades at A level i work as a civel servert for the armed forces
by Jesi • | | 1 comment
Hello, I am currently working my tail off in school so I can become a CSI, I will accept any form of the title but would love to get into arson investigation too. I am 35 years old and have a background with mortician work and I am also an artist. I live So Cal, my father worked for the LAPD more
by Fly.Yang • | | 0 comments
Hellow everyone. I'm a senior high school student in China.Although I'm only 17 years old,I have decided to be a CSI in the future.Now I'm studying hard and learn more knowledge about biology and chemistry that our teachers haven't teached us. And I hope some kind person can give me some more
by Eljohnson • | | 3 comments
What is the difference between a CSI and a CSI technician?
by tastery10 • | | 1 comment
Hi. I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Tastery Reed and i am currently in college studying Criminal Justice. I plan on becoming a crime scene investigator and hopefully a latent print examiner. I have been interested in forensic science since my Freshmen year of college. more


by tastery10 • | | 1 comment
Hi. My name is Tastery, and i have a question. Does anyone know the difference between being a crime scene technician and a crime scene investigator.
by George • | | 2 comments
What's the starting salary of a csi?
by George • | | 3 comments
At what age can you retire from crime scene investigation?
by George • | | 5 comments
Do crime scene investigators carry guns?
by George • | | 2 comments
Usually how much overtime do you do as a crime scene investigator?

For People in the Forensic Science Field

in Careers
by ForensicOne2be • | | 1 comment
Hi. I posted a similar msg. on the regular board but I don't know if Forensic Science people read those msgs. or not. So I'm posting one here too. I'm 54 yrs. old, and 2 & 1/2 yrs. into an A.A. & A.S. degree in Criminology and General Transfer Studies. I'll graduate soon...before more
by ForensicOne2be • | | 3 comments
Hi. I'm 54 yrs. old, am now 2 & 1/2 yrs. into my forensic science degree program [will graduate soon with an A.A. & A.S., then on toward my B.S.]. Lately I've been scanning 4 yr. universities & colleges, and from what I can see, it will take me another 2 yrs. minimum, 3 yrs. more

CSI Schooling

in Education
by crazy8_ash • | | 1 comment
I want to know how much education is really needed toward becoming a crime scene investigator. Are bussiness classes necessary for the field? I am currently pursuing my A.A. and want to tranfer to a university that offers a degree with classes that will be helpful in finding a job maybe in a more
by wal1809 • | | 0 comments
Hello Every one, Just introducing myself as the new boot on the board. I look forward to some interesteing conversation!!
by Christa Franco • | | 6 comments
could they have tattoos? and if we already have tattoos could we just cover them or do we have to get rid of them?
by stacey/sassytwin24@y... • | | 10 comments
Im interseted in becoming a crime scene investigator and would like to know all of the courses i have to complete. I think it is an AA degree associates of science degree but need to know the courses. im starting out with the administraion of justice first is this a good idea? Thank you more
by Stephanie • | | 3 comments
What is considered an "entry level" position in the Forensic Science community? I currently possess a Bachelors degree in Animal Science as as well as a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and have been unable to break into the industry because of a lack of experience. I would more
by CSI Vegas • | | 1 comment
I need to know which one of these degrees would be wiser to pursue. I want to be a crime scene analyst. Any opinions would be appreciated. I have already read becoming a CSI and looked at the job postings. I am just looking for opinions from those in the field. Thanks.
by katharine • | | 2 comments
hi all, first of all i live in the uk (wales), so i know itll be a bit different but hopefully someone can give me some advice? basically i want to be out at the crime scenes and collecting evidence in the future, and i have taken a BTEC national diploma in applied science at college that more
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