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by brandon • | | 2 comments
if i have an associates in latent evidence technology, what kind of job and salary can i expect?
by Palak • | | 0 comments
Hi I m palak frm jammu and frm my childhood i had a dream to become a C.I.D officer. But problem is that i don't know what should i have to do after passing my 12th class exams. Don't miss understand it with the tv serial C.I.D, i m talking abt the real C.I.D. So, plz give me the right more
by Dana • | | 0 comments
I was looking to see if anyone could tell me the year when CSIs were first designated and used in solving a crime. If anyone could answer that for me, that would be great!
by Ben S. • | | 0 comments
If possible before February 25, 2010. 1. Q: How did you decide to enter this field? 2. Q: What kind of education and training do you have? 3. Q: What are your activities and responsibilities on the job? 4. Q: What do you like best about more

Would Asthma prevent someone from becoming a CSI?

in Careers
by Tifa • | | 3 comments
A friend of mine has recently shown an interest in becoming a CSI, however, she has asthma. I was wondering if this would prevent her from succeeding in this goal, or if she would simply have to take a tech position instead of a field position. Does anyone know about this? She would like to more
by tiffiany • | | 2 comments
I was just wondering, because i would really like to become a csi, but for personal reasons can not serve on the actual police force and someone told me you have to serve at least a year in the field I was wondering if there are any jobs where that would not be required
by Ben S. • | | 0 comments
Excuse me sir, I am just wondering if by any chance I could ask you to answer a couple of questions. The question are to complete a school career project. If possible before February 25, 2010. 1. Q: How did you decide to enter this field? 2. Q: What kind of education more
by trisha • | | 2 comments
I want to become a crime scene investigator, but i am not sure what to major in in college? do i need to specifically major in forensic chemistry or are there other majors that will help me become a crime scene investigator? and also what minors will be helpful? Thanks!
by Thomas • | | 3 comments
Can a person with a criminal record become a CSI?
by MoniqueL • | | 0 comments
I would like to become a member of a forensic association - however, there seem to be so many of them, I'm not sure which one(s) I should join! I don't have enough money to join them all. I would like to join a respected association - one which will provide me with networking opportunities, more
by Jenna Mitchell • | | 0 comments
Hi, I am a sophomore in high school in Atlanta, GA. We're doing a project in chemistry and we had to choose a field of chemistry and research it. One of the things we have to do for this project is interview a chemist out of that field, and I have chosen the forensic chemistry field. So, if more
by Eyedes • | | 1 comment
Hi, I am interested in pursuing a career in the field of Crime Scene Investigation. I have my high school diploma but do not have any college education. I was interested if anyone with personal experience has any insight into whether a police route or an entry level lab technician route more
by BY123 • | | 1 comment
Is it hard to find a job in crime lab? I mean, are there many people that compete it?
by Frank Wielemaker • | | 2 comments
I am astounded reading your article on math measurements at crime scenes. Bullet trajectory paths with string. This was done in the 1980's. We have advanced alot since then. We now measure scenes with Total Stations and robotics, data collector and electronic drawing program. See more
by keke • | | 1 comment
I am currently going for my bs in criminal justice with a concentration in Bio. I want to become a csi. 1st question: Am I taking the right path as far as having enough education? 2nd question:Will there be additional training needed such as a few years in an active related field 3rd more
by Louisa • | | 1 comment
Hi! I am interested in studying forensic sience or forensic psycology in the US or in England. Since i'm not from the states i am curious to find out which Collages are considered the best in the country? Any suggestions? Louisa
by Shelly • | | 3 comments
I really need some help I am studying Social and Criminal Justice in college and I need to write a paper about the difference between Real-life and CSI the tv show. If anyone can tell me any web sites or books I can reference that would be great. Thank You.
by Barbara • | | 1 comment
Hello, I am a librarian at the Newark branch of Alameda County Library. I'm looking for someone who could give a presentation on Real Life CSI. There would be a small honorarium. I can be reached at Thanks! Barbara
by SofĂ­a • | | 1 comment
i'm from argentina i want to now what i have to do to get into a crime scene investigation university in the USA.
by david • | | 4 comments
i had a few run ins with the law in my younger days i wanna work in csi im wondering if that might cause trouble my run ins consist of a couple of fight that only on landed me jail time i plead no contest and got 10 days in a county jail was a misdemeanor to start but after probation it was more
by Maddy • | | 1 comment
What classes should i take in my last 3 years of highschool? What should my major be in college? And if theres anything else i should know.. Thanks. ( :
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