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by pd3506 • | | 0 comments
I am a police officer in NJ, and I have a 4 year degree, but it seems as though there are no jobs available in or around this state for crime scene technicians. I joined the police force thinking that the experience would help me land a job, but it hasn't. Does anyone have any thoughts or more
by dr. ali m alwan • | | 1 comment
hey, i am a doctor and i have an interest to become a csi but i dont know what field is suitable for a doctor? also i wanted to know that can i study and work in USA ( i am iraqi citizen still in iraq) need an answer please note :- in iraq we have no facilities like in America for more
by Johann Banchs • | | 1 comment
What secure crime scene means and why is important?
by MER • | | 0 comments
hey all, i am considering following a long time dream of mine to work somewhere in the field of CSI... i have some fears though and some confusion as to what path would be best, maybe you all can help me... i am 35 years old and feel sometimes that my time for making a career change is running more
by Wendy • | | 1 comment
Hi, Basically my question is that I graduated with the above qualifications, however, no one wants to hire me unless I have a year experience and a certification in a SAMSHA lab...How do I get this experience if I can't get the job? Any ideas? I would appreciate your assistance and advice...
by Johann Banchs • | | 0 comments
Anybody from the crime scene investigation field that I can ask some question?? my email is,,thanks
by Spymood • | | 0 comments
well i wanna do ma master's degree in Investigation .. but am not in U.s so i wanted to join a university in states or in canada have ma master's and in the same time to be able to work as Investigator so .. how can i do this and what will i need .. ?? am askin cuz am egyptian livin in more

Kaplan is confusing... Please Help!

in Education
by Colten • | | 1 comment
So everywhere I look online, it says in order to be a crime scene TECH (NOT INVESTIGATOR), all you need is a crime scene technician certificate. Some places say it would help to get an associates degree or a bachelors, but nobody says its required. When I called Kaplan to set up classes they more
by Johann Banchs • | | 5 comments
My name is Johann Banchs, I need to ask somw question to some people that work in the crime scene investigation, Im doing an Interview proposal for college. Please contact me at my email,,,Thanks
by smittydo • | | 1 comment
im going to be taking criminal justice over here at cpcc in nc this fall. will this help me further my plans on becoming a csi? it has courses like basic law enforcement training technology, criminal justice technology, general instructor training, lidar certification, radar certification, time/ more

Drug history

in Careers
by CSI4me • | | 3 comments
I am about to start college and get my bachelors in criminal justice with my concentration in forensics. Will it be a waste of time for me because i was told to get hired for any CSI job or police officer you take a polygraph and or voice stress test. I have used recreational drugs before in my more

Paint Analysis Recommendation

in Forensic Techniques
by Marty • | | 3 comments
Can anyone recommend a paint lab where a civilian can take a bike that was hit by a hit-and-run-driver? There was some paint transfer from the impact and we would like to get as much info as possible. This is east coast - Maryland, Virginia DC area. Thanks so much.
by Janna813 • | | 1 comment
I am very interested in getting a job in the medical examiners office as an autopsy technician or something like that. I would have loved to be a pathologist but I don't think I have the patience to go thru another 6 years of school. I am currently a junior in college majoring in biology, I am more

science majors

in Education
by tiger • | | 0 comments
I am a junior in high school and plan on attending a four-year-university, in a chemistry-related major, when I graduate. Would it be better to major in chemistry with a minor in biology, or in biochemistry? Also, some schools put biochem in their biology department, while others have it in more
by bettyboop5286 • | | 1 comment
Hello everyone, I am new to the forum. I have a crime scene interview this coming week and I am trying to mentally prepare myself of possible questions they may ask me? Can anyone give me some pointers on what they may ask? It will give me something to think about on my 10 hour trip to my more

American Institute of Applied Science?

in Education
by Sarah • | | 0 comments
I have stumbled upon this program, and I am curious to know if anyone has ever heard of it, or if it is reputable. I did not see it on the list of colleges on this site, so now I am wondering about its value. Does anyone have any experience with the American Institute of Applied Science? Is more

Kaplan Online University Respected?

in Education
by Stephanie • | | 9 comments
I am currently interested in becoming a CSI. There are no schools here in California that I can reach to to get my B.A in Science of Criminal Justice, so I found Kaplan, which offers a HUGE curriculum but it's online. I was wondering if I did attend this school via the computer, and graduated more
by smittydo • | | 1 comment
Does it matter if a person has tattoos? Cuz I have alot and I hope that it wouldnt put a dent in what i want to do with becoming a csi or a field agent?
by smittydo • | | 1 comment
Im a National Guard soldier, just got back from Iraq. Im actually a maintenance mechanic. But ive been watchin alot of ncis and csi, now I know that the real thing is nothing like the tv shows. But im actually really interested in becoming a csi/ field agent. I just wanted to know more on how more
by foster • | | 0 comments
I'm looking for some help! I'm doing a report on the analysis of a crime scene characteristics for a serial killer .i need books and some good web sites to gather info for a 10 page paper
by Kyuan • | | 1 comment
Do yo need to have good credit to become an crime scene investigator as if you were going to be an police officer..
by Kyrie • | | 0 comments
My college just came out with a Biochemistry degree along side a regular chemistry degree. A main difference in them is that for the Biochem I would take a genetics course and then choose between Human Physiology, Functional Histology and one other class. For the chemistry one, you would not more


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by STudent101 • | | 0 comments
OKAY SO I HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION ..HAHAHHAA... ARE THERE ANY EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITES IN THIS FIELD OF STUDY such as being an educatoe within this career, leading development sessions, or educating coworkers????

for project

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by STudent101 • | | 0 comments
by person1234 • | | 0 comments
does any one know some cool facts about this job :)
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