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by Melanie • | | 1 comment
I am currently in school working on my Criminal Justice degree. I live in the Dallas TX area and was wondering how do I go about getting an entry level or internship position, so I can gain some experience.
by Jordan Walker • | | 0 comments
My name is Jordan Walker. I recently graduated and i am very interested in becoming a crime scene investigator. But i want to find a good college/university that i could attend for next year in the spring of 2011. But i would appreciate any advise in this field. Thank you!

Becoming a Crime Scene Tech

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by Maggie • | | 10 comments
I am very interested in becoming a crime scene tech. It is something that has always been a dream of mine. I am 28 years old and a mother of 2, and recently decided that I would like to pursue my dream. I know I am getting a late start at this, but would appreciate any advise on what steps I more
by hazaa • | | 1 comment
Good morning .. I thank those who on the forum .. And add that I work in the field of criminal investigation and asked me to submit a proposal to develop work in all areas of criminal investigation, so I hope to help me, one in the preparation or presentation of the idea or work you've done or more
by Janice • | | 0 comments
Do you have any special equipment to test gold dust that appears on a body ever so often as a gliter?

sworn officer

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by olivia • | | 1 comment
What does it mean exactly when it says you have to be a sworn officer before becoming a c.s.i? Does that mean that I will have to work as a police officer first? Meaning like patroling the streets? If so, for how long?

minor in chemsitry

in Education
by johpao • | | 2 comments
so im a 3rd year in csulb, and i just decided to minor in chemistry which about 21 units more and i currenly majoring in criminal justice... my question is is it better to switch to having a double major in chem and crim justice or just stay the same... and what kind of jobs would open up for more
by Kerry • | | 1 comment
I can't find anything on how you examine plastic bags. Does anyone know this information.
by Andreas • | | 1 comment
Hallo I read an article a few years ago. If I remember correctly so you can connect a printer to a paper that is printed. Can the police to see which printer is printing the paper come from? Through a unique number that is not visible to the naked eye. Is this true? is there anyone who more
by Mike • | | 1 comment
I'm just wondering if there is a specific reason why I have not seen any job postings for Pennsylvania. I've been checking this site regularly and still have never seen a job opening in Pa. I'm finishing my associates degree next year in crime scene investigation and really want to know that more
by loreni kerecman • | | 0 comments
hello there! my name is loreni kerecman and i teach ap chemistry at connally high school in pflugerville isd, tx (north of austin). i am very interested in getting a speaker to come to our high school and talk to our students regarding the field of forensics. we would love to have more
by SFChuck • | | 0 comments
Does anyone know of any government, quasi-government or civilian agency or company in the San Francisco Bay area that employs forensic/evidence photographers on an on-call or contract basis?
by OLHS • | | 0 comments
I am a student at Olentangy Liberty High School in Powell, Ohio. For our current Honors Biology project, we are required to pick a science-related career and interview a professional in the career chosen. I have been interested in becoming a Forensic Science Technician for a few years, and was more
by ununique • | | 0 comments
I am doing a project for a college class. It is all about crime labs and their equipment. I was wondering what is standard equipment in a crime lab? Specifically I would like to know about the DNA section/area of the lab. My portion of the group project is on the DNA section. Also, how more
by vette67 • | | 1 comment
We had a murder some 4o years ago in Canada in which a 12 year old girl (Lynne Harper) was raped and murdered in a forest. There was an odd addition to the crime scene. The killer who has never been caught placed three branches across the body. These weren't big enough to hide her. Does more
by Nicole Martinez • | | 0 comments
A 1.What are your job duties and responsibilities? 2.Do you report anybody? 3.What are your hours? 4.What are your wages or salary? B 1.What level of education you need? 2.Do you need special training or certifications or on the job training? 3.Is a internship or probationary more
by Meagan Schaich • | | 0 comments
What steps should I take to become a crime scene investigator? Also what schools are good schools to go to for this profession? please email me at
by soon to be csi too • | | 0 comments
I have always wanted to be a crime scene investigator but I am only in 9th grade they say I will change my mind i don't think so can some one help mei feel like i am missing something my heart and mind body and soul wants to be one how do i get there what do i do how do i show others i can not more
by Denise • | | 0 comments
Most job ads require atleast 1 year of experience as a crime scene person or what have you and including your associates or bachelors and finger print courses. My question is how do you get the experience if that is what you are trying to do by applying for the job in the first place? I do not more
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