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by Jennifer DeRose • | | 0 comments
What is the most and least appealing about the career and why?

Nothing in Northeast?

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by MDM • | | 4 comments
I've been visiting this site for almost a year now and I still have not seen one Crime Scene Technician job in or around Pennsylvania. Is there a reason that I'm not aware of for this? Do you have to be a sworn officer to work as a crime scene technician in this state? I don't think I have more
by wal1809 • | | 0 comments
Please spread this out to your everyone. We need to fill this class. Advanced Fingerprint is October 18 - 22 Cost is $450.00 per student. Instructor Ivan Futrell. This will be hosted by the Sugar Land Polce Department 1200 State Highway 6 Sugar Land, Texas 77479. Contact for more
by crystal tirado • | | 0 comments
i am a junior in westport high school nd i want to know what courses should i take when i get into college? Because at this moment i am taking criminal justice III and i would like to futher my searches to become a forensic investigator. I understand that you have to take biology and chemistry more
by Reed • | | 0 comments
I have a few questions about Forensic Scientists and CSI’s. 1. How much hours do Forensic Scientists and CSI’s work in a week? 2. What kind of equipment do scientists use? 3. How much do they get paid annually? 4. What training and education do I require? 5. How do you investigate a crime more
by Anon • | | 5 comments
I have noticed that a lot of police departments require a psychological evaluation as part of the hiring process. Could having Asperger's get someone dropped from the hiring process, or is that not the sort of thing they are looking for?
by T. Gates • | | 2 comments
I am doing a report on CSIs and I have looked everywhere and I cant seem to find "highly desired qualifications" any where Can some body please help me?
by Lt. MA • | | 1 comment
Does anyone out there have a recommendation on a good training source for a digital UV / IR camera (Fuji Film IS PRO) ???
by Art Harris • | | 0 comments
I'm Art Harris (www,, 2x emmy winning journalist and TV producer working on Nancy Grace's new CBS show called Swift Justice, a 5-day a week futuristic judge show that uses forensic experts like never before. We're also eager to explore any new, cutting edge, 21st Century crime more
by curious54 • | | 1 comment
My son, Joshua Robinson (19), was found dead in Amsler Park/McGregor, Texas, on February 16, 2006. McGregor PD did not investigate, did not arrive to escort the funeral procession after scheduling and paying the PD for this service, telling me they were unavailable. I KNOW my son would not more
by desiree cabler • | | 2 comments
can someone become a crime scene investigator with a misdemeanor dui on their record?

Crime Scene Employees/Employers - Age a huge factor?

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by csiShorty • | | 2 comments
I'm 20 years old and a graduate with an associates degree in crime scene. I've seen a few job openings looking for recent grads, but I'm wondering if they're looking for older applicants. The majority of my crime scene class was much older than myself, and while we all ended up with the same more
by Anthony Lyons • | | 1 comment
Hello, i am doing a school project and would like to ask some question about forensic science and its job,Please reply at my email, THANK YOU! 1.What does a forensic scientist do? 2.What type of degree is needed? 3.What types of courses in high school would/could be more
by ButterCookie • | | 0 comments
Hello...Brand new to this forum. I am very serious and interested in becoming a crime scene investigator. I am not clear what is meant by having a min 1 yr experience in a crime scene related field. How do you get that experience unless you are on the police force?
by ButterCookie • | | 2 comments
Hello...Brand new to this forum. I am very serious and interested in becoming a crime scene investigator. I am not clear what is meant by having a min 1 yr experience in a crime scene related field. How do you get that experience unless you are on the police force?
by JGraham1229 • | | 2 comments
I have recently been diagnosed with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy); My doctor is willing to state that I am physically impaired and unable to work. Once on unemployment I will be enrolling into my local college; I am strongly considering seeking my degree in Crime Scene Technology. My more

Interview Questions

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by P&E • | | 1 comment
Hello, I will be interviewing for a Forensic Specialist position in the near future. Can you please tell me what quesions I can expect to be asked during the interview? Will it also involve scenarios?


by Lane Dorsey • | | 0 comments
i was wondering..... can i start to take classes (not for college credit of course) on forensics even though i am still underage and am not old enough to go to college yet? this is what i want to learn about and all i want to do is gain more knowledge on the subject of forensics.
by George Smith • | | 1 comment
My name is Jeff LIngafelter, I am very interested in a career in Private investigation. I am seeing if you could tell me what types of education/qualifications investigation agency look for in a individual. I have researched on the net but come up with different info every time. What about home more
by desiree cabler • | | 0 comments
I am planning on going to school at rasmussen and would like to be a crime scene investigator. the problem is that I have had a misdemeanor DUI. How difficult would it be for me to find employment?
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