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by April • | | 0 comments
Hi everyone, I'm writing a story and trying to err on the side of accuracy. I know there must be an endless number of variables that can and will influence an answer to a question like this, but how long on average does it take from the time a CSI starts until they and the police are ready more
by Susan • | | 2 comments
Hello, I would like to know about the softwares used for crime scene analysis. The softwares i came across mainly take into account the geographical location, the time line, etc. I have not come across a software which does the pattern recognition (blood splashes) which can determine the more


by dyana • | | 0 comments
hi i came from asia and want to become a csi worker in miami. u think that possible ?

Is there any good schools in Canada

in Education
by Lee Thompson • | | 0 comments
I live in British Columbia and I would like to get an education here than move to the states. I would like to know what school is best to get to know basic forensics in Canada?
by Dbaires • | | 1 comment
I graduated from an accredited college and obtained my bachelors of science in criminal justice but it is going to be a year that I have been out of school and it is really hard to find criminal justice related careers? Any advice???
by Dan • | | 2 comments
Im thinking about changing my major in college to criminal justice and im really looking into becoming a criminal investigator. I just have no idea what the requirements are and where to begin. Is there anyone who can give me some advice?
by firstlady. • | | 2 comments
hello , i am 17 & im qoinq to be qraduatinq next yr ( 2011 ) . im not sure which schoool to start at as far as colleqe (i dont want to attend an on-line colleqe ) & what kind of classes to take . im completely LOST . the websites links arent much help to ME . idek which career i want more

International study

in Careers
by Candice Knudsen • | | 0 comments
What are the chances of studying Crime Scene Investigation part time in South Africa. How would payment work and would the study material be courried to me? How long would it take for me to get my Degree and should I require addition information, would there be someone to assist?Are your more
by Osvaldo Machado • | | 1 comment
Hello CSI staff believe that Bruno is following the case in Brazil that he ordered one of his cohort have Slain the mother of his alleged dismemberment epartment of his flesh was served to the dogs breed rottweiler of Slain 9. The possibility age dese find vestiges in animal waste?
by Ronnie Smith • | | 0 comments
I have two questions: 1) I live in Louisiana I am thinking about getting back into CSI, does anyone know of any jobs/positions that are available. 2) I'm interested in getting a degree as a CSI, does anyone have an online school thy can recommend that would except my experiences and more
by Kia Williams • | | 0 comments
I live in the UK and am interested in becoming a fingerprint technician, In the US. Im about to embark on getting a bachelors degree in forensic psychology(one of my big interests) via the Open University but while qualified and useful I'd prefer to have primarily a job as a fingerprint lab more
by Joseph Rauch • | | 1 comment
What is the legality, if an investigator asks you to start policing, while in school? What is the circumstances for the investigator to do so? Is one considered impersonating an officer, after the lead investigator tells you to do something?
by Janice • | | 2 comments
Hello all, I have heard that it is important to become part of a club (because it will help get a job). If this is true; do you know any clubs that are highly known? I am working on my BS at UCF and can't wait to be done so I can get a career going. Thanks for any input.
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