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by Hannah Rudd • | | 1 comment
I was wondering if people would be interested in offering their opinions in relation to the quote below. "Trace evidence comparison is both time-consuming, expensive and rarely conclusive." Any help would be greatly appreciated.
by sam • | | 1 comment
I am doing research about how to become a CSI and i was wondering what college was the best for that.

Grad School Programs

in Education
by Mandi • | | 1 comment
I am currently getting an education in Biological Engineering. I am too far along to change my major, but I have always had an interest in CSI. I was wondering about Grad Programs for CSI. What programs would be best to look at and how do I find universities that offer them?
by sambradh • | | 1 comment
I'm an English trained CSI employed by a British police force for the last 3 years. I am hoping to obtain work experience/placement with a Canadian force as i am considering emigrating. Ideally i would like to combine this with staying with a Canadian host individual/family to experience more
by Ben • | | 1 comment
If blood-stained clothing has been stored for several weeks in a plastic bag, what deterioration in the evidentiary value? Also, knowing that that was the improper storage method, what should one do now to preserve what whatever evidentiary value might be salvaged.
by Vicky • | | 3 comments
I am looking into becoming a crime scene investigator, but am wondering what schooling I should do to get there. I want to work as police officer first and then go from there, but I want some university behind me. I have heard people say to take the police studies program, but have also heard a more
by juliebug991 • | | 0 comments
Hey I live in TN, I have read that in some states you have to be a police officer before you can become a C.S.I. So does anybody know, if you live in TN, how long and if you have to be one?
by Abby • | | 1 comment
Before I post my question I'd just like to say a big thank you for this forum and the people that post, it has been very useful to me and I appreciate the time and effort spent creating it. So I'm currently in college doing a science course and eventually I would like to work in the field. more


in Careers
by Todd • | | 1 comment
Can a peerson become a CSI with a prior feloney?


by Desiree • | | 1 comment
hello, I'm a biology major and I have 3 semesters left in getting my bachelor's of science degree. I picked two careers I would love to go for. My first one is physician assistant. I had an unexpected surprise and had a baby girl about a year ago. Now I'm looking into the second career I would more
by Kahe • | | 0 comments
Hi, I am trying to locate a forensic investigator to interview for a class assignment. If you are one or know someone who is, please reply to this message. Thanks!
by CJ Grad • | | 0 comments
I am a 23 year old who just graduated in May with a BA in Criminal Justice, ever since I was in the eighth grade and first saw the show CSI I have always wanted to be one. However I am finding it hard to find CSI jobs, I don't know maybe I am not using the right key search terms. If anyone has more
by kendra • | | 3 comments
I am at Kaplan university, and I have a year left. And i am going to get my bachelors in criminal Justice for CSI. Is there any jobs that I can do now as I am going to school? Kinda like a foot in the door.
by 1disturbed1 • | | 3 comments
I'm gettting a degree in Criminal Justice and want to become a CSI. I read you have to become a police officer before you can be a CSI? Is this a requirement?
by Khloegurl • | | 2 comments
I just recently graduated from college with a Science Degree in Criminal Investigations and have a crime scene tech license....I have been applying for crime scene jobs since 2005! Without experience, no agency is willing to hire me because due to lack of experience. What am I to do? Does more
by khayla whitfield • | | 1 comment
How did you select this occupation and what are the educational requirements for becoming a crime scene investigator?
by tyler warr • | | 0 comments
Hi, right now im in high school and my teacher told me that i should start thinking about my job career.And i want to be a crime scene investigator and i was wondering if you could tell me what are some of the main classes i need to pass so i can get to do feld work? And if i go to high school more
by morbidsoulsoul556 • | | 2 comments
Hi there, i am an active duty military member and when i get out i would like to peruse a career in Criminal Investigation. I would like to work out in the field and be more hands on rather than working in an office doing the paper work. My question is what would be the job title i should look more
by lala02 • | | 3 comments
Does anyone have or know any cities or police departments that will take and train citizens to be crime scene technicians? I know in most you have to be an officer. I'm currently getting my degree in Forensic Science but I'd much rather work scenes than in a lab.
by Judy • | | 1 comment
I will be graduating from Ashford Univ with a degree in Social and Criminal Justice in Feb, 2011. I am interested in becoming a crime scene investigator with an ME. How do I go about applying for this position and do all ME offices require an internship program?
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