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by penker • | | 1 comment
i am a csi officer and i want some advises how to extract finger print from a clear plastic sheeting. i tried with super glu but it's gives pure resultes
by Katie • | | 1 comment
im interested in the field of forensics and im just trying to figure out how many years of college i would need since im a junior in highschool....anybody got an anmswer for it?
by Katie • | | 0 comments
im interested in the field of forensics and im just trying to figure out how many years of college i would need since im a junior in highschool....anybody got an anmswer for it?
by Damian • | | 0 comments
I got admittance into two different universities one for a med program and the other for a bach in forensic and analytical chem. I would like to become a crime scene investigator or forensic scientist. Which program would be better to go for??? Any help would be great!! and thanks a lot!


by Brent • | | 1 comment
Do csi carry guns and make arrests

High school Student

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by Heather • | | 0 comments
Hi, my name is Heather Williams from Trinidad and Tobago. I love the CSI work but dont know what subjects to pursue,I have been doing a lot of research and finally got on to this website. My email address is thank you for those who reply in Advance !!!
by anjali • | | 1 comment
i do not have much interest towards physics and chemistry. but at the same time i love biology as a subject. therefore, for which post should i opt for in crime science??? also what is the eligibility requirements for that post. please do keep in mind that i'm a female.
by sukhoi10 • | | 0 comments
hello.... can a graduate student for cognitive science courses join into CSI?
by Jody • | | 0 comments
I have had my B.S. degree in Criminal Justice for months now and can't find a job. I was under the impression that if I had my degree in C.J., I could become a CSI. Well, I don't meet the requirements because I haven't had any paid experience. I am so confused. Please advise, anyone:)
by Hugh0905 • | | 0 comments
Hello, My name Is hugh I just graduated from a two year program in crime scene. I have a pplied at several places and have heard nothing back. I have also interned at the county morgue, and the county crime lab for 120 hours. So I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Should I pursue a 4 more
by Brad • | | 17 comments
Hello, I was wondering if I could possibly talk to a person that specializes in Blood Pattern Analysis or close to that discipline. I have a couple questions pertaining about that field. Thanks

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by Alyssa • | | 4 comments
Hi, I'm Alyssa. I am interested in being a Crime Scene Investigator when I grow older. I am currently in the 8th grade and I am scheduling my High School classes next semester. I was wondering which classes in High School I would have to take to be accepted, and/or which classes would look good more
by Rachel27 • | | 1 comment
I am interested in possibly becoming a latent fingerprint examiner and I was wondering what degree in college should I major in. Biology? Criminal Justice? Chemistry? I am currently just starting a bachelor's degree in biology because I knew I wanted to work in forensics but just didn't know more
by Kirby • | | 0 comments
I will be graduating high school in 2012. From elementary to grade 9 i was mainly focused on archietecture design or anything along the lines of creative designs. However, during grade 10 i became unaware of what career was really in my best interest. Now i watch alot of SCI: Maimi and yes i more
by arvind • | | 1 comment
Hi I run a small technical and corporate training firm. I am looking for freelance Trainers to impart training in the various fields of Forensic science including Cyber Crime Investigation, Retrieving Mobile Phone data and other White Collar Crimes etc. If you are a Trainer with atleast 5 more
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