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by Hartensia • | | 0 comments
hello its kinda difficult for me to choose i want 2 be a pediatrian and i love to work with kids but again i like to solve crimes and investagate and solve mysteries.

Thank You

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by nsest1 • | | 0 comments
I just wanted to post a Thank You to all the people who helped organize and get this site together. I learned about this site from my college (University of New Haven) and upon recently graduating I have used this place to research and apply for a career. I am now in the top 3 for a position more

i must be part of this

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by abisiga • | | 1 comment
i am a 34year old nigerian, married with 3 kids, whom have used the SWOT analysis to know where i belong. i am very sure that i have gotten to were i ought to have started, it may be lucrative a career but i must confess to you that i have great passion for this newly found way. please help more
by Jennifer • | | 1 comment
If bedding was looked at with the funny goggles and light, and then taken for evaluation, could it have been just something spilled on it? Water for instance?
by josie • | | 1 comment
To whom it may concer: I was wondering if you can give me some time out of you're busy schedule to answer a few questions for a assingment at my college. thank you for your time. sincerly josephine more
by erinn • | | 0 comments
Hi, I was just wondering where the best places were to be employed as a crime scene analyst as well as the best paying areas? I am aware that some departments hire scene analysts from their police department, but was wondering if anyone knew if this was common in highly populated, high crime more
by MoniqueL • | | 2 comments
Many job descriptions I see have requirements similar to this: ... completion of a Bachelor of Science degree which has included at least 20 semester hours in science laboratory courses such as biochemistry, chemistry, physics, biology, criminalistics, forensic science, or a closely related more
by Bri • | | 1 comment
I have to do an experiment for school, and I had a few questions. I am testing to see whether more or less perborate affects the lighting of the blue chemical lumionl. Does adding more or less of the chemical perborate affect the light of luminol? Please help and include links. I have more
by sar • | | 3 comments
Do I have first have to become a police officer working in the department for sometime before applying as a CSI?
by sar • | | 1 comment
I am a graduate from high school and I am interested in forensic investigations...I was wondering what the job availability was in vancouver, it is demand?? What are some highs and Lows, the good, the bad and ugly about working in this profession??
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