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RE: Hello

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by Haley • | | 1 comment
How old do you have to be to become a criminalist?

How do you get the experience??

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by AnnMarie • | | 2 comments
I recently graduated with my bachelors in Criminal Justice, always wanting to become a Crime Scene Investigator. Everywhere I look everyone wants at least two years experience .. for anything. I am getting really discouraged after getting my degree and still not able to find a job. Any ideas on more

Can an convicted felon become a crime scene investigator

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by DR.Who • | | 11 comments
I really like to investigate yet I have a criminal background ...

In-house training

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by Joanne • | | 0 comments
Does anyone know how long an in-house training program would be for a analyst in the chem lab? Could it be shortened if u have worked ina chem lab before (not a crime chem lab)? Would ur pay scale change if u have a masters and the job requires a bachelors (thhis is for a state lab??)

Day in the lab of a crime scene analyst

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by Joanne • | | 0 comments
I have recently applied for a position in the chemistry lab for a crime scene lab. I am trying to get info about what the job entails. Is it challenging or boring and mundane? Is there good chances for moving up in the company (I am applying with a state law enforcement group)? What is an more

Career Advice for PhD in Analytical Chem w/o forensic experience

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by angaino • | | 0 comments
I just wanted to get any input from those in the forensics community. I have a PhD in analytical chemistry and my research has been related to microscopy, spectroscopy, and instrument development. I am getting sick of being in academia (doing a postdoc at a good school right now), and was more


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by Ty'sgirl • | | 0 comments
I was wondering When you go to Collage for Forensic Investigator. You Study Science. Right? which means You don't Have to Be Very good in Science to Start with? Please Help I would like to Go to Collage To become a Forensic Investigator, But I have Trouble in Science. Should i Still Think more

Enquiry: One year C.S.I??

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by Lisa_Collum • | | 1 comment
Hey All, I'm going to be in the US for one year a one year working VISA, that is agreed between the US and Ireland. I'm just wondering is it possible to work as a C.S.I for just one year, I will be finished with my Forensic Degree in May this year. Hoping to get a level one/entry level job. more

SOP Template and Example Latent Print Development Procedures

in Forensic Techniques
by Sonia • | | 0 comments
Hi Instead of re-inventing the wheel, I'm looking for an example, as well as a template to compile (or rather update existing) latent print development procedures (in line with ISO 17025). I just need the example to see to which level of detail the procedures are written or compiled. The more


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by Rochelle Adams • | | 0 comments
Hello, My name is Rochelle and I am in middle school. We are doing a project about what we would like to be when we grow up and I chose a Criminal Investigator. We need to do an interview and I was wondering if I could ask you 4 or 5 questions about your job. Please message back soon!!! more


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by Shantel • | | 3 comments
If you want to become and csi, can u have any tattoos? Even if they are not visible.

Advice please on transfer from Western Australian Police CSI to a USA CSI position please

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by Andie R • | | 0 comments
Ladies and Gents. I am a CSI with WA Police in Perth, I have been for the past year, I have a post grad in forensic science with the University of Western Australia and I am continuing this year with a graduate diploma in forensic science. I am also completing this year a diploma in more

Forensic Science Question

in Education
by S Kent • | | 2 comments
I have a B.S. in Health Science and I am thinking about getting my Masters in Forensic Science. Would I have a chance in a career in this field, since my undergrad degree is not solely in the science field. Could I have a change with a graduate degree in Forensics?
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