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in Research
by Brad W • | | 0 comments
Hello, I have a question for anyone that knows this. I am doing a research project and I have a question about the fight or flight response method. I know the hormone cortisol and many others are released during this process. But I want to know the exact amount of cortisol released during more

cops as crime scene technicians

in Careers
by Matt Coleman • | | 1 comment
i am confused about whether or not in all 50 states crime scene technicians have to be cops. i kno is PA where i live you have to be a cop to be a crime scene technician or CSI. what i want to know is whether or not this is true for all 50 states and if it isnt which states this is true for.

Vehicle Claim

in Miscellaneous
by Kevin • | | 1 comment
Hi, if you car is taken for investigation and was determined as totalled, where you will not get it back does CSI reimburse for this vehicle.

Latent Print Courses

in Education
by radev104 • | | 2 comments
Where do you find latent print classification courses? I'm new in Connecticut and not sure where to start looking.


in Careers
by chrissy75 • | | 3 comments
I'm trying to find some apprenticeship in my area so I can get some hands on experience even if it's just observing a crime scene investigation or autopsy. I'm planning on moving out of state when I graduate this year from my two year online college. I'm currently studying CSI for my more

A case of unexplained lividity

in Research
by Matthew Schacht • | | 0 comments
When a person dies, and their heart stops pumping, blood is pulled down by gravity causing a red or purpulish color to form on the parts of the body closest to the ground (i.e. lividity). However, what if a lividity is found to exist on both the highest and lowest parts of a prostrate body, more

Crime Scene Investigations

in Careers
by Dan Bynum • | | 0 comments
Is there a supervisory of senior analyst position that leads the Crime Scene Investigative Unit?

What is required (Education Wise) to become CSI

in Education
by Stephanie • | | 4 comments
I am completing a Criminal Justice Diploma program and I'm interested in becoming a CSI is that possible with this degree or will I need further education and if so what?

blood within pool of blood

in Research
by Moonovermiami • | | 2 comments
I have a question about mixed blood samples. (1) how hard is it to distinguishe two types of blood (murder/victiom or two victims) in a pool of blood? I know it can be done (Amanda-Know-Trial), but is this standard procedure? (2) A case example, of the more difficult sort: if more

Obtaining a Criminal Justice Diploma Can I be a CSI?

in Careers
by Stephanie • | | 0 comments
I am obtaining my Criminal Justice Diploma right now. I was wondering what else if anything is required to become a CSI?

jobs CSI confused help

in Careers
by megs • | | 2 comments
what are good previous jobs to have before becoming a CSI

Looking for a CSI to interview

in Careers
by Michelle • | | 0 comments
I'm doing a career research paper for my english class and NEED someone to interview. I just wanted it to be over an email. If you are a CSI and can help me, PLEASE contact me through my email which is I'll just ask you about 20-25 questions that won't be too hard, more

have a misdemeanor record

in Careers
by deva64 • | | 3 comments
Can I still work in the field of criminal justice or become a crime scene investigator if I have committed a misdemeanor (wrote bad checks)?

Could I be a CSI?

in Careers
by Matheus vitor • | | 0 comments
So, people... I'm Brazilian. I've been graduated in chemical eng. on UFPE - 7th best university in Brazil- and post graduated in chemistry on Harvard's university. I got a great educational history. And would like to be a CSI in the USA, civilian CSI.. Do u guys think so, I could be more

Crime Scene Investigator jobs for non USA civillians.

in Careers
by LewisC • | | 1 comment
I am currently a university student in Scotland studying Forensic Science. I am also looking to emigrate permanently to the USA once I have completed my course. Does anyone know, is it possible for a UK citizen to get a job as a CSI in the USA. I have already spent 2 years as a fully more
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