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Career change

in Careers
by Karen • | | 4 comments
Hello. I am currently a science teacher who has been excessed from my position. I hold a BS in biology and an MS in education. I am thinking of making a career change into forensic science, which I had considered doing as an undergrad. I have no experience as a forensic scientist but I do have more


in Careers
by Annabelle • | | 3 comments
To work as a CSI, would I have to take a certification or licensing exam before I could get a job? Is it like being a lawyer or something of that nature, where one has to become qualified before working in a particular state? I am interested in working in California, after I finish my Bachlor's more

crime scene investigation

in Research
by lyle • | | 2 comments
discuss the crime scene as a source of information development

Needed: advice on the crime scene tech test for a job....

in Careers
by Jennifer • | | 4 comments
I have a test coming up in California for a crime scene tech job. If I pass this, I move on to the interview. Has anyone ever taken a test like that? What is it like? What do they cover? I could really use some advice! Thanks!

crime scene notes in court

in Miscellaneous
by gemma • | | 2 comments
Ok.. .so i am in a bit of a dilemma, I am a student who is going through my assessment at the moment however during the mad rush i made one small error... I didnt sign one of my continuation sheets but i followed protocol for everything else. I don't want this stupid one mistake to discredit more

Working as a CSI in the USA from the UK

in Careers
by Kirsty • | | 2 comments
Hi, I don't know if anyone will be able to help me, but I am studying a CSI degree at the moment in the UK and am seriously wanting to move out to USA and work as a CSI. Does anyone know if this is possible and how easy / hard is it to find employment? Thanks anyone who can help!

Civillian Crime Scene Investigators

in Careers
by Dave Hammond • | | 18 comments
I run into the question "how do I become a crime scene investigator" quite often and I'm not sure that the information I provide is the complete picture. In the region of the US where I work, police officers are either promoted or appointed into evidence technician postions. Some of more


in Research
by Aereonna • | | 1 comment
what are some of the intestinals you use and why do you use them?

Any other CSI job boards around?

in Careers
by Kasondra • | | 2 comments
Does anyone know of any other job boards around? Preferably with more entry level positions? I'm just now graduating with my BA in Criminology and a Certificate in Forensic Science as well as completion of my Uni's Student Law enforcement Academy so the only thing I'm missing is experience. more


in Careers
by Amanda • | | 1 comment
what job skills, talents, and experiences are needed to become a crime scene investigator?

Firearms and toolmark Jobs

in Careers
by Mathew • | | 1 comment
I am interested in the firearms examiner/ toolmark field as a CSI or crime lab. I am about to graduate from a gunsmithing school and will have my Associates in Science degree. Can someone tell me what other requirements I may need to have to better able me to get this job? Mathew Also more


in Education
by gomezr90 • | | 3 comments
Do you need anthropology to become a crime scene investigator?


in Careers
by Lorena • | | 2 comments
how old do i have to be to start my career of being a crime scene investigator?

Basic questions?

in Careers
by Worries • | | 3 comments
I would really like to do more field work than anything, like collecting the evidence at a scene. I would like to piece it together at the lab as well. And I would also like to be able to carry a firearm because I would like to work in a highly populated area. Am I looking into the right more

Body Tents - Disposable or Reusable?

in Equipment and Supplies
by FLF • | | 1 comment
Do SOCO's/CSI's use disposable body tents or reusable tents? I heard they use reusable but surely that could lead to a DNA contaminated scene?


in Careers
by Benjamin Kruse • | | 1 comment
just wondering what you have for a benefits package.


in Careers
by Benjamin Kruse • | | 1 comment
i was wondering if you allow internships or job shadowing. I'm currently going to school right now and im just wondering if you did anything alike that. you can get a hold of me at 605-360-4134. i would love to talk more about this with you. thank you very much.

I need to interview a crime scene investigator

in Careers
by gomezr90 • | | 1 comment
I have to do an interview for a project at school, and would like if some one would help me with my interview by answering my questions. If you like your name will be anonymous in my paper. Thanks Ricardo Gomez Interview Questions: 1. What qualifications/requirements does a more
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