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I am available for employment as a crime scene technician in the Omaha area

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by Robert Brooks • | | 0 comments
Hi, long time listener, first time caller. My nickname from high school is MacGyver and I don't admit it lightly. I figure out any problem and solve any circumstance. I find out in September where my wife's career path will take me in June of 2012. It will be in either Charleston S.C., more

Jobs to prepare to become a CSI, not yet attending college.

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by lttlwendy22 • | | 1 comment
Okay, so I am a high school graduate, class of 2011. I will be starting college in the fall to major in Forensic Science. But right now I am trying to find a summer job. I have a job research paper to fill out for this program I am in, but I am unsure of what jobs I could be eligible for at more


in Education
by Brandi • | | 2 comments
I am taking an on line course with Everest and am almost halfway through my second year. I am going for Criminal Investigations. After I finish, what can I do next? Do I have to do more school (3rd and 4th year) or is there anything I can start with just the 2 years? If I can start, what can I more

Doing my Senior exhibition and need to conduct an phone interview

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by Ariel Santarello • | | 0 comments
I Need to conduct a interwiew with a Crime scene investigator or a Forensic scientist for my Graduation requirement. if someone could please get ahold of me 8586251095

Paid/Unpaid Experience

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by Ruby • | | 2 comments
Hello, I graduated almost 2 yrs ago w/ BA Criminal Justice and concentratio in forenscis science , I'm still waiting to get hired. I've come across with issues involving paid/ un paid experience I have intern experience and I have over 2 yrs of ride along expereince, but its seems like that' more

Seeking answer to background and CSI careers

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by Julie • | | 1 comment
I am a veteran who hits some bad times and made some bad choice but am trying to turn my life around. I'm enrolling in school and am interesteed in CSI as a career. Does anyone know if a criminal backgrouond would prevent me from practicing in this field? No one at the school seems to know the more

crime scene technicians

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by Sherry • | | 2 comments
Is a crime scene technician the same as a crime scene investigator?

2011 National Crime Scene Investigator's Camp

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by Charles Rickard • | | 1 comment
I am considering attending the 2011 National Crime Scene Investigator's Camp and would like to find out more about it. I know it is for sworn law enforcement officers and crime scene and presented by the Center for Advanced Technical Law Enforcement Training, Inc. (CATLET) Has more

Re: crime scene investigation

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by kristen mair • | | 1 comment
hi my name is kristen mair and i want to know more about crime scene and im doing a senior project on it. so just want know what do you do at a crimes scene.

A little confused?

in Education
by MichaelB1 • | | 7 comments
In my online search of schools for CSI type training/education, I have one hang up. What is the purpose of having unrelated(I guess) type studies, like Business admin or the like. That's what killed my the first time I went to college and never got to the core of the studies. Can someone more

Non-Resident Opportunities

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by Lloyd WL Davis • | | 1 comment
Hi, I am a mature student who has just completed a BSc (Hons) in Forensic Science in Scotland. The course is accredited by the Forensic Science Society, of which I am also a member; the FSS is affiliated with the California Association of Criminalists. I have little experience, although I did more

Need a Direction

in Education
by MichaelB1 • | | 3 comments
I'm considering changing careers and not sure what I need to do. My questions are online schools just as "accepted" these days as oposed to brick and mortar schools. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could read or research to get a job as a CSI? Michael

Re: Civillian Crime Scene Investigators

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by Patricia Drury • | | 3 comments
Hi, I am getting ready to graduate with a Bachelors of science in Criminal Justice:Forensic Investigations. I have applied everywhere in my area (Kansas City Kansas) and keep running into the same problem. I have to go through the police academy and be a street patrol officer for 3 years more

Please help me understand this..

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by klrCSI • | | 2 comments
I was reading this just to get an idea of what type of experience they ask for in entry level jobs to get experience and I came across something that I didnt understand.. 06/09/2011 Description: Experience Required: Professional – No experience required. Educational – GC/MS, GC/FID, more

Crime Scene Investigation courses

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by Jack • | | 2 comments
Hello, i currently live in the UK but want to live in America once i finish high school. i am doing a-levels in chemistry biology maths physics. what courses are available for me in california, i have tried searching but its a bit confusing. any help on courses for me, because i am from uk i more

Entering this field

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by Angelica • | | 2 comments
I am currently working towards my BS in Computer Forensics at AIU. Is there any positions that would allow me to make a start in this field since I have no experience such as volunteering?

Re: Civillian Crime Scene Investigators

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by Cordelia • | | 3 comments
I wish i was living up there in california. I am in Miami .I graduated with a bachelor in criminal justice and has been looking for a job in crime scene since then and every agency is telling me i have to be an officer first, which i think is bull. If u are hired to do a job you have to be more

Back Ground Check not good

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by Natalie • | | 4 comments
Okay, so when I was younger I got into some trouble. I have 2 DUI's and possesion of marijuana under an oz.....(neither are felonies). The last arrest was when I was 22 or 23, I am now 30 and totally straight edge. I'm interested in becoming a Crime Scene Investigatior, but I'm not sure if it more


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by Anthony • | | 1 comment
I would like to prompt an interesting question that I would like to receive some clarity on. I have a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice and with a double minor in Anthropology/Sociology; I would like to work as a Crime Scene Investigator, but do not have any hands-on experience necessary for more

Help with Job Search

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by LadyGlock • | | 0 comments
I will be graduating soon with a BS in Biology and a minor in Criminology; as soon as I finish up a CJ credit this summer I will be joining a campus Criminology club to "network" a bit. I have no experience in the field of criminology but have a crim invest. certificate with an more

cell phone forensic

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by idhaque • | | 2 comments
what are the various types of Mobile Phone related Crime?
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