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Age Limit

in Careers
by Sacramentan • | | 4 comments
I am interested in becoming a Crime Scene Technician/Scientist upon graduation. Is there an age limit to become part of the CSI team? Thank you.

job shadowing

in Education
by Cassie • | | 0 comments
I am a senior in high school and I am working on our year long senior project. As my career interest I chose Crime Scene Technician. I am suppose to job shadow someone in this career field. How do I go about finding someone near me to shadow?

Getting into the Forensic Field

in Careers
by Apsey8014 • | | 0 comments
I am looking at getting into the investigative side of forensics and know that the stepping stone would be at the crime scene tech position. It is something that I know I would be good at and have been told would be the best area for me from what others have told me. That said; I am 26 years more

Student Research

in Education
by Allie • | | 1 comment
I am currently an 8th grader in Ohio, I was wondering if anyone knew any good websites or programs that are good for me to learn more about forensics for a project? Thanks!

Available Civilian CSI Jobs?

in Careers
by Amy Bolsinger • | | 3 comments
Hello! I have been out of college for about a year now, graduated in 2011 from a 4 year college with a BA in Criminal Justice and want I have wanted to do since I was in like 8th grade was to become a Crime Scene Investigator. However my only problem is people have been telling me that I might more

Interested in becoming a Fingerprint Examiner, I can help.

in Education
by Boyd Baumgartner • | | 1 comment
I see a lot of posts where people ask what they should study or how can they get a job. A job in forensics is difficult because it takes experience to get experience. Forensic science degrees leave you with a lot of theory and not a lot of skills. Now, it's different. I am now teaching more

Background mistakes

in Careers
by laurama75 • | | 2 comments
I have wanted a career in forensic science since I was 18 years old (I am 36 now). I am currently a Sophomore majoring in forensic science-crime scene investigation. In my 20s I became addicted to heroin (I have been clean for 8 years). During this time I received a felony theft conviction more

CSI jobs and medical conditions

in Careers
by Wynter • | | 1 comment
I currently take Prozac and Xanax for depression and anxiety, I was wondering if I will have to disclose this during the hiring process. The depression and anxiety do not affect my work, I am a dedicated employee that gets along with all my coworkers and I have no absence issues. If a more

Latent Tech

in Careers
by Rachelle • | | 1 comment
Hi. I have my associates in Criminal justice, a diploma in Crime scene technology and am currently going for my bachelors in CJ. I want to be a Latent tech/examiner, but don't know where to start. I love crime scene, but eventually I want to expert in Latent's. Every job posting I see requires more

where to go to see a CSI at work

in Education
by Brandon Sias • | | 1 comment
Iam 15 and i what to see a csi because i love to be a csi when i wrog up

A couple questions about becoming a CSI

in Careers
by pistolpete333 • | | 2 comments
So i have a few questions about becoming a CSI First question is, would it be better to become a police officer and then got to school, or the other way around, or does it even matter? My current plan is to go to school and get a 4 year degree. After this I will be 23 and would join the more

Applying for work in the US from the UK

in Careers
by DGB83 • | | 0 comments
Hi folks, i am a 27 year old male with a forensics science degree from the UK, the job market for crime scene work and forensics is shocking over here so was wondering if it was possible to apply for jobs in the US and if anyone new the procedures involved or if there were any tips on where more

What should I major in?

in Education
by Sean B. • | | 2 comments
Hi all, I'm currently enrolled in a Community College in Southern California with the intention of transferring to UCR due to their Crime Scene Investigation Certificate. However, I'm not sure what major I should be declaring while enrolled in the Community College. The school I'm currently more

crime scene investigation

in Education
by wayne • | | 0 comments
what subjects are needed for the job
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