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how to become a csi

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by Dayanand jonker • | | 1 comment
iam a mbbs student in india. after becoming a doc. how i can become a csi in a reputed firm. did i need any degree for this. someone plzzzzzzzzzz tell me at my email add.:-


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by Betsy Johnson • | | 2 comments
is there any drug test to be in csi?

info on california csi employments

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by cpt415 • | | 1 comment
Hi, I am interested in becoming a crime scene technician/forensic technician/criminal investigator, and would like some advice on what the best route would. I was thinking of getting a certificate/diploma in crime scene technician to get employment, and while working continue my education more

Csi career info

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by S.R • | | 1 comment
I graduated from a law school in Europe this year and moved recently to Ohio. I am a permanent rezident. I want to pursue a career in CSI but I don't know where to start with an intership/ trainig/job to get some experience. I had criminalistics and forensics classes 1 semester in law school more

crime scene investigation

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by marvin ordonez • | | 0 comments
i am 40 years old i got my g.e.d .and i just got my crime scene investigator certificate .CS.I. where can igo to work in order to get the experience or at least learn more.

CSI Job questions

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by Saera • | | 1 comment
What kind of jobs in the CSI field only require a high school diploma? I graduated high school in 2008 and I've always been interested in the CSI aspect of the Criminal Justice field. I'm hoping I can find a job in the CSI field that only requires a high school diploma for now. My goal is to more
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