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Casting Footprints in Snow

in Forensic Techniques
by CRQS • | | 2 comments
What is the best way to cast footprints in snow? The depth of the snow is 1-2 inches deep and the ambient temperature is 34 deg. F.

College Research paper

in Research
by tyrell • | | 0 comments
Hi! Good Day to all! I'am Tyrell 18 years of age, am a College student from the Philippines. I have some research paper that working on. My topic is about "Criminal Minds" I choose this topic because i love watching CSI and other Crime solving show. I'm asking for a little help and more

Looking for a good program

in Education
by lucyvich • | | 2 comments
Hi, I have my BA in Criminology and I'm not really looking to get another Bachelor's - I am more interested in getting either a certificate or a Master's. However, I'm not really sure how to distinguish legitimate certificate programs from ones that are just scams. I don't feel comfortable more

Glass Fragments

in Research
by Calvin Wong • | | 2 comments
Hello everybody I just have a question to ask. I am doing a case study and there is something I dont understand. Okay here goes A woman was found murdered in the bedroom of her apartment. The cause of death was sharp force trauma due to the large number of stab wounds(17) that she sustained to more

ITT Tech, Proper Accreditation? Are A.A.S's applicable to the CSI Field?

in Education
by Anon E. Mouse • | | 5 comments
I have recently attended ITT Technical Institute for a Criminology & Forensic Technology until I left after one semester after stumbling across a shocking revelation. Being withheld from me after being rushed through my enrollment process by a college recruiter was the fact that the credits more

School recommendation in south Florida

in Education
by Shelly • | | 4 comments
Hi, I want to become a Crime Scene Investigator. Can someone tell me where I can get an AS or BS in forensic Science? I would prefer to go to classes rather than doing it online. Are there any schools anyone would recommend in the Miami/ Ft. Lauderdale area? If not, then a good online school? more


in Education
by Danny • | | 1 comment
what qualification do you need to persue a BAin crime scene investigation

Evidence refrigerators

in Equipment and Supplies
by mppd464 • | | 1 comment
My department is looking for a small refrigerator that our officers can store evidence temporarily. We have a pass-through evidence locker system but currently we have a small refrigerator with a lock that the officers can use to store evidence that needs to be refrigerated when we are not more

Crime Scene Investigator Training

in Education
by Mark • | | 2 comments
I work for a small department in the Houston area. I am trying to find a GOOD crime scene school to send one of my patrol officers, who will double as a crime scene tech. I need a school that is a little longer than a week, and one that is in depth. I have done numerous searches, and I have more


in Miscellaneous
by behind the yellow ta... • | | 0 comments

wich gloves do you use and dont use while handling evidence and in a search so you dont contaminate the evidence?

in Forensic Techniques
by Grant • | | 3 comments
as the title says, which ones do you use and why? thanks

Crime Scene Team

in Forensic Techniques
by NP • | | 3 comments
My department (roughly 400 sworn personnel) is contemplating a full time crime scene team. This team would respond for felony crimes against other persons, death investigations, autopsies, felony property crimes,search warrants, and other crimes as available. I am looking for scheduling ideas more

CSI question

in Careers
by Vaneh Hartoonian • | | 3 comments
i don't know if this has been asked but do you have to be a cop before hand to be apart of csi. because i wanted to be a detective and an officer himself told me 5-6 years street on policeman work.


in Careers
by Carina Torres • | | 2 comments
Is there any way to intern of some kind ?

Questions for a Crime Scene Lab Director

in Education
by K. Mott • | | 0 comments
Hello I am student at Sachem East HS on Long Island and I am doing a project for my living environment class on your career. I was wondering if you would mind answering some questions for me? Forensic Sciencedtist lab director, is what I was interested in. Any help would surely be appreciated. more


in Education
by Angelique • | | 1 comment
What SAT scores are required for becoming a Crime Scene Investigator?:)


in Forensic Techniques
by Felicia • | | 1 comment
Hello, DNA extraction on eyeglasses, does the olis in one's fingers affect the DNA evidence left on eyeglasses?
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