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CSI Internship in Los Angeles

in Education
by Frank • | | 1 comment
I'm interested in doing a CSI internship for college credits in California. Does anyone have any info?


in Research
by Jasmine Wigfall • | | 0 comments
Hello, my name is Jasmie WIgfall and I need to interview a CSI agent for a paper. We are writing about a numerous of things in our paper and one of the requirements is an interview of somebody fromyour chosen career choice. After college I plan on becaoming a CSI agent. So I will need you name, more


in Research
by csi fan • | | 0 comments
Hello my name is elana and i need help interviewing someone who is a professional CSI. its for a project we are doing in career decssions. we are supposed to interview and find out whats it like to do the job of your dreams. i live in raleigh and no more information about me untill you help me more

40 year-old corpse found buried in wall

in Research
by Brian G. Walsh • | | 1 comment
I would appreciate any help you can provide on this subject which is a major plot point of my story. I need some specifics on how forensics would determine how long ago the corpse was stashed in the wall, and how decomposed the body would be. Figure an apartment wall in an old project house more


in Research
by CSIGERMANY • | | 3 comments
Hi! I'm from Germany and I just began studying at a college in Seattle. I have a question for you, if there was a robbery and a person got shot would that classify as aggravated robbery or even attempted murder? Thank you

Trailer New Forensics Show on NAT GEO

in Miscellaneous
by Wide-Eyed • | | 0 comments
CSI fans! - we know how much you love a dead body and the scientific hunt to track down a killer - well in a sensational new twist on the forensic game, an upcoming reality challenge show on National Geographic will be testing the skills and techniques of CSI in the real world. The Great more

Palm print

in Research
by ALSHOBAKI Tayel • | | 0 comments
I need help to find any document related to Palm-print comparison and archiving technique


in Research
by ALSHOBAKI Tayel • | | 0 comments
i am looking for any information about the Difference between ANSI/NIST 1-2007 AFIS and the lateset version thanks for

Online Bachelor's Degree

in Education
by Megan • | | 4 comments
Is anyone familiar with which online Universities are most widely accepted by employer's? Are there any that are considered the best? I am getting ready to turn my associate degree into a bachelor's and would hate to spend a lot of time and money on an online program that is not going to even more
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