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Cut off age to begin career as CSI team member

in Careers
by sue sawyer • | | 1 comment
I am 46 and am pursuing my bachelors in criminal justice, However I do not want to take classes in the field of criminal scene investigator, if there is an age limit to becoming a part of a team,? just as there is an age limit for canine officer and TSA bomb agent, I have learned that the more

Identification Academy - Low Cost Fingerprint Training

in Resources
by Boyd Baumgartner • | | 0 comments
I've created a low cost, skills based forensic fingerprint training which can be found at Currently we are offering one course: Friction Ridge Examination. The course comes with a free e-book and is self paced, but is designed to take 8 weeks. You'll more

Resarch paper

in Research
by James Vickery • | | 1 comment
I am doing a resarch paper and i have question like How many years of collge do u have to do for you to be a CSI, What are the job perks of this job Please responds thanki you


in Careers
by matt • | | 1 comment
i have a question for current csi agents. is military experience count as experience? for ex. NCIS, OSI and if it is, would it be better to do that than being a cop first?
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