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Can my son become a crime scene investigator?

in Careers
by J • | | 1 comment
My 14 year old son is interested in forensics type work. He's taking a class at his high school and so far is doing an awesome job. However, he has a few colors that his eyes are not sensitive to...would this impede employment opportunities for him? Thanks for your help!


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by Jill • | | 0 comments
I have a paralegal degree and have 3 classes left of my BS-Criminal Justice emphasis in Crime Scene Investigation. I want to work as a CSI. I have worked for a short time as a CO in a max facility and for the last 5 years I supervise 12 felony offender men in a rehab facility. I am having more

What do i need to be a computer forensics analysts

in Education
by finalfanjohn • | | 0 comments
i am currently in the army learning to be a information tecnology specialist and im trying to get the security plus certificate would there be anything else for computer forensics that i might need to know to be one


in Education
by Samantha Jones • | | 1 comment
Hi, My name is Samantha Jones and I am currently a junior majoring in forensic science and biology at the University of Great Falls. I am looking for a great internship opportunity with DNA or body fluid analysis labs, or with a forensic biologist. I noticed that there is a job posting for more

NuCAST180 footprint casting powder

in Equipment and Supplies
by D.Meeban • | | 0 comments
Has anyone tried this new nucast180 casting powder that keeps being brought to my attention? its meant to be really fast and easy to use but i wonder if the detail it offers is any good?

Please help

in Research
by Faith • | | 2 comments
I'm currently a Senior in High School and I plan on majoring in Criminal Investigation. My English 4 teacher is requiring us to write a paper on what we would like our career to be. Of course I picked Criminal Investigation. One of our required sources for this paper is an interview with more
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