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I Want To Be A Crime Scene Investigator

in Careers
by TracyWinget • | | 3 comments
I have been working in the corporate world for almost 15 years. I started out in the Records Department as a micrographics technician, eventually moved to a crew leader position with the Mail Services department and was promoted to a supervisory position this past year. I have been attending more

Qualified as a CSI in the UK, could I get work in the USA?

in Careers
by Aiden • | | 3 comments
I graduated from university with a degree in Crime Scene Science. I've been fruitlessly searching for a job in the UK ever since. I'm thinking now of expanding my boundaries, wondering if there is anything to prevent me getting a job as a CSI in the United States? I'm thinking citizenship is more


in Careers
by Jennifer • | | 2 comments
I've recently graduated with a b.s. in criminal justice. Does anyone know of employment opportunities in Jacksonville Florida? I'm looking for behind the scenes work- crime lab etc. Or does anyone know how a recent graduate can get some hands on experience? I am willing to volunteer.

Pa rules for collection and preservation of forensic evidence

in Research
by Marti • | | 0 comments
Does anyone know where I can find state specific(PA) laws/ protocols for collection and preservation of evidence. Looking all day- no luck

how to become international csi

in Careers
by siti zulaikha • | | 0 comments
hello. i'm a forensic science student from national university of Malaysia i wanna ask how to become international csi team. since this profession are not evolve yet. i wish i would continue my further study in US or in UK so that i can gain a lots of experiences can learn something new from more

Forensic Photography Societies

in Resources
by EDEC Digital Forensi... • | | 1 comment
Are there any recognized or well-known Forensic Photography Societies or Associations in the United States?

I have a job interview for a CSI position

in Careers
by Alice • | | 5 comments
My interview is in 2 weeks. I have an AA in crime scene technology and received that in 2010. Since then I have not found any employment in the field so my knowledge of the subject is rusty. Any ideas and pointers on what I should focus on the most to brush up on? Thank you!

CSI question

in Research
by Csifan • | | 1 comment
Are a crime scene investigator and a criminal investigator the same? If not, how are they different? And do colleges major in these fields or do you have to train at a police academy? I looked at the list of all the colleges to see what they provide because i have to do a career project report more

How to become a csi and what would be best for me?

in Education
by Jesse Monroe • | | 1 comment
I am curenntly a 17 year old. I really enjoy learning about psychology and will be taking an advanced psychology class next semester. I prefer to work allow and i would like a nice balance of desk work and in the feild. i do not want to work in a lab. if you have any questions to ask me to help more
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