Crime Scene Investigator Forum


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by beth • | | 3 comments
Hi i just want to know the qualifications you need to be crime scene investigator ?

Studies Plan

in Education
by Vagialena • | | 0 comments
Hi! I am a greek student and I am really interested in forensic science. At the time my plans are to study mollecular biology and genetics at a greek university. However, I would love to work as a CSI or a forensic technician, but there are no studies of that kind in Greece. So I would like to more

On Campus Programs around MN

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by s.lars • | | 1 comment
I want to get a degree in forensic science and become a CSI in the future, the only problem is that I'm having a hard time finding actual on-campus colleges that offer programs. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm trying to stay close to MN

Can I apply for Crime Scene Investigator in other Country ?

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by singhbhavyaa • | | 0 comments
Hi, I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. (My other skills includes: software handling, image and audio files processing, network and data management.) I want to know that can I apply for becoming a CSI in a country in which I don't have a nationality? [I have never been to more

1950 Crime Scene Investigator

in Research
by kristiambrose • | | 2 comments
I just found this forum when looking for some information on procedures for the 1950s. Not sure if anyone can help me, but I registered anyway. I am looking for information on procedures (how it was done back then, what kind of test results they had then, clean up, any equipment used) because more

Online Colleges or Universities credible for CSI, Forensic Science Techs?

in Education
by Mauro • | | 3 comments
Does anyone know if these online colleges and universities offering degrees for CSI and Forensic Science Tech, etc credible and sufficient to agencies for employment? I've been told some aren't and best if attend non online schools for degrees.

Crime Scene Investigation

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by Tracey Baldwin • | | 2 comments
What do i need to learn & pass to be a Crime Scene Investigator.
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