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Where to get an internship

in Education
by Sjo294 • | | 1 comment
I am currently a junior at the University of New Hampshire. I just declared my major as political science and minor in forensics. I love my forensics and criminology classes. With summer coming up i was hoping to gain more experience in the forensics field. It doesn't have to be a paid more

Crime scene cleanup

in Resources
by davidtom73 • | | 1 comment
We provide best service for Certified crime scene cleanup any time call us. for more info visit: crime scene cleanup Corona | Lancaster | Elk Grove | Palmdale

Mobile Forensics Trends for 2013

in Resources
by Cellebrite UFED • | | 0 comments
Cellebrite’s Panel of Leading Industry Experts Identifies Mobile Forensics Trends for 2013 To gather this list, Cellebrite interviewed a number of prominent experts from law enforcement, corporations and universities, as well as industry analysts, familiar with mobile forensics, information more

Catch 22

in Careers
by Liz • | | 3 comments
So, I graduated in May 2012 with a B-TECH in Criminal Investigations and for my last semester I had to do a 600 hour internship with a Crime Scene Unit. My problem now is that I can't find a job; everyone wants experience. My question to the community is, "How can I get a job for more

Cellebrite’s UFED now includes Malware Detection

in Resources
by Cellebrite UFED • | | 0 comments
Cellebrite announces that its UFED Physical Analyzer now includes Malware Detection software to analyze physical and file system extractions and provide a comprehensive malware report. The integrated solution will help investigators conducting forensic examinations to pinpoint whether more

Information for Fiction Novel

in Research
by CScott • | | 2 comments
I'm writing a novel and have a question about blood evidence. If the shirt had the blood on it, then was destroyed by fire, would you be able to get dna evidence from the remains, or is it completely compromised?

How to advance

in Careers
by bboy_jon • | | 0 comments
Alright everyone, so I graduated last December with a BA in biology. I have been working at a DNA/paternity testing lab for almost a year now...will be a year in February. Anyways, I am not really enjoying what I am doing right now...getting paid enough to get by with bills, and I do the same more


in Education
by Andrea • | | 0 comments
i was wondering which highschool courses do i need to take if i wanted to work as a crime scene examiner? because even as a young child i was always interested in this kind of jpb.

Studies Plan

in Education
by Vagialena • | | 2 comments
Hi! I am a greek student and I am really interested in forensic science. At the time my plans are to study mollecular biology and genetics at a greek university. However, I would love to work as a CSI or a forensic technician, but there are no studies of that kind in Greece. So I would like to more

Chances of getting a CSI job in America (UK Student)

in Careers
by MissMLondon • | | 1 comment
I've just completed a Bachelors Degree in Forensic Science, and am currently studying for a Masters Degree (due to graduate in September 2013). I also have a BTEC in Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation, as well as a few other certificates and diplomas in related fields (Latent more

the positive and negative aspects

in Careers
by Rachel • | | 1 comment
My name is Rachel, and I am taking a class in criminal justice. I have become interested in the career of criminalist career, though this is also called forensic biologist or forensic science technician. I was wondering if someone who is in this field could tell me some positive and negative more


in Education
by Maria • | | 0 comments
Hi! I am the russian student of the Saint-Petersburg State University, Biological Faculty. I realy want to be a crime scientist, but the problem is that in Russia we haven't got such departments like Crime Justice or Forensic Crime Science. Well, actually we have some simular places, but if more
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