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help with degree

in Education
by d • | | 4 comments
I am currently a sophomore in college and have been trying to make up my mind and figure out what degree I need for what I would like to do. I have been interested in forensic science and the csi field since high school. I am now 27 and am trying to get things in order so i will not be wasting more

School Project

in Forensic Techniques
by Jessica Hadaway • | | 0 comments
I am doing a paper for school and I have to interview someone who has worked with blood and/or crime scenes. Can anyone help me? The paper needs to be about a problem you have encountered while working in this field and how you overcame or adapted to that problem. I am taking a course on more

International Applications for Crime Scene Tech jobs

in Careers
by Joanna • | | 1 comment
Hi All, I have studied in Australia and I currently have a Bachelor of Forensic Science and a Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science. I have always wanted to be a Crime Scene Technician and I was wondering if Departments in the US take international applications as it is somewhere I have more

Question about criminal history

in Miscellaneous
by Ann • | | 1 comment
Is it at all possible for someone to work in the forensic science/criminal justice field if they have a criminal history? The person is not eligible for a pardon for 3 more years.

need help for my thriller

in Research
by kavonus • | | 1 comment
hi, my name is Stephanie, I'm 36 and I'm from Belgium. Sorry for my bad English, I hope you'll understand me. I'm trying to write a thriller and I need some help for my murders. I hope someone will help me. Have a nice week-end everybody.

Career Project

in Research
by Champayne • | | 3 comments
I am currently a junior in Highschool. I am doing a project that is focused on what carreer i would like to pursue when i grow up, and so i took the time to really think about it and the carrer i am interested in is Crime Scene Investigating. Is there anyone that could help me to reach my goal? more

I am currently in need of an interview from a CSI Investigator.

in Research
by Victoriaa8 • | | 1 comment
Hi, my name is Victoria Bernhardt and I am a sophomore and doing a project on CSI Investigation for AVID class in high school. I hope you will be able to answer any of my questions that I have. 1. What would an average day in the field be like for a Crime Scene Investigator? 2. Is it more

CSI Academy of Florida

in Education
by Jarod Thompson • | | 0 comments
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, If you are in the Florida or southeast US area, we have just opened a licensed Crime Scene Investigation school right outside of Gainesville, Florida. We offer forty-credit hour courses as well as full seven week courses. If you are interested in more more

Interest in becoming a CSI.

in Careers
by Almonova • | | 3 comments
I am currently in college and am changing my major from Nutrition to become a CSI. I am curious to know if there are anybody that can/would help me out getting my foot in the door so to speak. If it would be easier you can contact me at my e-mail, ( Thank you in advance!


in Education
by lizet navarro • | | 1 comment
hi my name is lizet and i was wanting to know how long do you have to go to college? i am a freshman in high school and i really want to become a csi. please help.! also what degree do you have to get to become one? I have lots more questions but these are it for now.

New to Forum

in Education
by HBC • | | 1 comment
I'm a CJ instructor for a college that has campuses throughout the country as well as on-line courses. I'd like to link to some of the videos to help my students. I am currently writing the curriculum for a Criminal Investigations course. These links would help a few thousand students over more

Mobile Forensics Tool - Introducing Cellebrite's Forensic YouTube Channel

in Equipment and Supplies
by Cellebrite UFED • | | 0 comments
Cellebrite's UFED channel invites you to get immediate access to a range of easy to follow video tutorials. Subscribe now and always get the latest videos directly to your inbox! See: Cellebrite's forensic division develops advanced mobile more
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