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im in need for an interview with a professional crime scene investigator

in Research
by audrey melton • | | 3 comments
My name is Audrey melton and i am in mrs. brassell's 7th grade career investigation class. I have been assigned to investigate a career that intrest me. If you dont mind i have a few questions i would like to ask you. please respond back thank you.

Crime scene investigation

in Careers
by Jodi h • | | 1 comment
In California is there an age requirement to being in any part of the industry ?


in Education
by Christina • | | 2 comments
hello, I am currently working at a hospital as a nursing assistant because I thought I wanted to be a nurse. After so many years working I realized that nursing is t for me. Yet I love the clinical aspect of nursing. I also wanted to go straight to the military out of high school but more

Degree in Criminology from 1987

in Careers
by Kris4Kris • | | 2 comments
Hi I have a BA in Criminology from the University of Maryland from 1987 and currently work for the Federal Government as an IT System Admin. I wanted to start work on a master's or certificate program that would get me ready for a second career after I can retire from my current Agency in 9 more

Possibilities for job for a foreign aspirant

in Careers
by Giovanni Di Attanasi... • | | 2 comments
I had my bachelor's degree two years ago, now I'm studying biology at Universidad Central De Venezuela. I want to become a crime scene investigator but the politic situation in my country does not permit a good job. What more requirements do I need for a CSI job in US? Is it necessary to more

Can someone who is actually a CSI please answer this?

in Education
by KF • | | 3 comments
I just wanted to know the steps you took. For example, what kind of education did you get? Training? Thank you, KF

Just graduated college why is it so hard to get a job???Please HELP

in Careers
by tanisha • | | 2 comments
I just graduated college in December with my Bachelor's degree. I visit this website EVERY single day and look for new job postings. I have applied for everyone I thought I was qualified for in every single state. It seems as if most of the jobs are looking for someone who have experience but I more


in Careers
by kim • | | 1 comment
hi i want to be a crime scene investigator and i want to know should i be citizen of USA?

School for csi

in Education
by Kristina • | | 2 comments
Hi im looking to go to school for csi and i was wondering if Pennfoster online bachelors degree for criminal justice would be acceptable ?

blood verification

in Research
by alphie • | | 2 comments
Hi, writing crime novel need a buit of help regarding blood samples etc, if blood is found at a crime scene not the victims, there are no suspects, how easy is it to determine ownership of blood sample please Regards Fran

USMC - VET with BS in Corporate HomeLand Security

in Education
by USMC_VET • | | 0 comments
Hello Everyone, New guy here, with questions of course. In any case, while I was doing my degree what-if-analysis via my college interesting degree came up. In which all I need is 21-credit residency requirement in the major concentration of Criminal Justice with specialization in more

Qualifications for CSI

in Careers
by Amie • | | 1 comment
I've tried loads of websites but I cant find what qualifications I will need to become a crime scene investigator. I want to be a evidence photographer. I know i need science but I don't know what others qualifications I will need. Please can someone comment an answer because otherwise I will more

Becoming a Forensic?

in Careers
by Makenzie Clark • | | 3 comments
I am thirteen years old and I have wanted to be a CSI since I was 9. My middle school is having a career day and while taking my career test I scored a 93% in Health Science. I was so excited. I would like to find out from a real CSI (that works in the field, since that is what I plan to do) more

I need to interveiw a CSI for help in my career project

in Research
by Kyli McDonald • | | 7 comments
Hey, my class is doing a career project and we are required to have an interview from what career we are doing. I choose to do Crime Scene Investigator and now I need to interview one. 1. What is it like to work in this field? 2. What,in your opinion, is the hardest part of this job? more

How to provide comfort post-sexual assault without contaminating victim prior to forensic exam?

in Forensic Techniques
by Ms. Policy Writer So... • | | 2 comments
I came across this site while putting together policy/practice for our institution in relation to PREA. PREA says first responders are to inform the victim not to go to the bathroom, eat, drink etc prior to a medical/forensic exam, and I wrote that into policy. But then I came across in other more

csi job

in Careers
by kayla • | | 2 comments
Where in general do u get a csi application

Texas State Evidence

in Research
by Cpl. Brown • | | 0 comments
Does anyone have an idea where to find anything about State Evidence? I am needing information on who is in charge of maintaining evidence.
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