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Have degree in Health Science...What now

in Careers
by stevestone1988 • | | 2 comments
I have a B.S in Health Science and am looking for a career in the forensic field. I am unsure of where to search ( and what terms to use) because I don't know what I qualify for. Any help would be appreciated. Just to give an idea, I have coursework in chemistry, biology, microbiology, more


in Careers
by Ashik Azim • | | 2 comments
Can you just get a degree in Criminal Justice to become a Criminal Scene Investigator or do you need a degree in science?

Help please

in Careers
by Melissa • | | 2 comments
Hello! I'm Portuguese and i'm 21 years old and i finished my degree in Forensic Science a few months ago. Do you know if i have a chance to get hired if i aplly to a job in the "employment section"? Or it's better for me got to the states first? I'm kind of lost now, because more

Casting CSI's for True Crime Show

in Miscellaneous
by Amy • | | 0 comments
An award-winning television production company in New York City is searching for experienced (preferably female) CSI’s, crime scene specialists, and forensic experts for a new high-profile documentary series about homicide investigations. All candidates should be experienced, credible, and more

Any high school prep?

in Education
by • | | 3 comments
I'm still in high school, is there anything I can do besides research and college searching to prepare and have experience? I want to do all I can to make sure I have the opportunity to have a CSI job. Any advice?


in Research
by Nathan Tisch • | | 1 comment
Hi my name is Nathan Tisch and I am a senior at Byron Nelson High School I was wondering if I could get someone to talk to for some interview questions for a senior capstone project I need to do for class and so I can graduate and go to college. I have been highly interested in Forensics for more

Interview Questions

in Careers
by Lisa King • | | 2 comments
Does anyone have a list of interview questions for civilain Crime Scene Technicains they would be willing to share?

Training AND a degree??

in Education
by ChelseaS95 • | | 3 comments
What kind of training and certifications do you need to qualify for a position as a crime scene investigator? I heard that there's some kind of training school in Virginia for all CSI's but i dont know if thats true... Im starting school at San Diego State University in August but I wanted more

Interview For School Project

in Research
by Heather • | | 1 comment
I have been assigned in a project at school to research CSIs. This includes interviewing a CSI. Would a real CSI or former CSI contact me right away if you are willing to help me. Thank You.

Undercover CSIs

in Careers
by Heather • | | 4 comments
Do real CSIs go undercover to investigate suspects? If so, what sort of gear do you wear when confronting the suspect? Thank you to those who respond sooner rather than later!;)

CSI employment

in Careers
by cooper1906 • | | 3 comments
I am currently an Active Duty US Army Staff Sergeant with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. After the military I intend to pursue my initial career plan in law enforcement as a CSI. Aside from the required reading list, what can I do to increase my chances of employment as a CSI?

Testing machine?

in Forensic Techniques
by Edye • | | 0 comments
Could someone tell me what the machine is called that tests samples of soil, rock and other natural substances? Thank you.

Finding a job fresh out of school

in Careers
by Sara • | | 1 comment
How do you find a job fresh out of college all the applications say at least 1 years expiernce but you have to start somewhere right?

CSI interview for my Senior Project

in Research
by ChelseaS95 • | | 5 comments
Hi, Im required to complete a senior project in order to graduate from my High School. However, Im supposed to interview 2 people in my career of interest which is CSI. Is there anyone that works as a Crime Scene investigater whom can contact me to interview? I would really appreciate your more

csi interview

in Research
by Brooke S • | | 0 comments
Hi I am doing a career research project and I need an interview from a CSI s there anyone that would be able to answer a few questions for me via email or on here please.

interview for a school paper

in Research
by Smith • | | 1 comment
hey, my class is doing a career project and we are required to have an interview. so here are a few questions: 1. how many years of education is needed? 2. do you have some experince before entering a job? 3. what are some benefits? 4. what are some drawbacks? 5. what is daily routine? more
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