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how to be a CSI

in Careers
by emmobeng • | | 1 comment
Am Emmanuel from Ghana how do i learn to be come CSI because investigating is my talent

Education Question

in Education
by Brandy • | | 2 comments
I have a quick question regarding furthering my education. I currently have a bachelors of science in criminal justice but I'd love to become a crime scene specialist, a forensic technician, or a latent print examiner. I haven't decided yet the #1 choice. So, with my current bachelors, no more

Specific Academic Subjects

in Education
by Daniel Martinez • | | 1 comment
What are the subjects needed for blood spatter analyst?

latent prints on televisions

in Forensic Techniques
by minnie2112 • | | 2 comments
Can anyone recommend a technique for lifting latent prints from a flat screen television? I've tried florescent and black powders but both give me the same results: the powder adheres to the tape but the print remains on the television. As much as I would love to use superglue, I doubt the more

Crime Scene apps for Apple mini i-pad

in Resources
by Paul McElvein • | | 2 comments
I am interested in any crime scene apps for the Apple mini i-pad.

Preparation for scene investigation

in Forensic Techniques
by sassysosa • | | 3 comments
Hello, I'm doing some research and I wanted to see if I can get some feedback ...this would be something related to my field which is video engineering. In reviewing the "Organization and Procedures for Search Operations" on this network site, some questions popped in my mind: more

CSI and Forensic Scientist Jobs Available

in Careers
by Steve Staggs • | | 0 comments
There are over 250 jobs listed in the employment opportunity page of the Crime Scene Investigator Network. Many are entry level jobs. If you are looking for a career in Crime Scene Investigations or Forensic Science you should prepare by looking at current job postings, and seeing what the more

Forensic scientist for a French

in Careers
by saguilar • | | 1 comment
Hi, I'm a crime scene Investigator for the French Police in Paris. I have a Master degree in Forensic Sciences (Lausanne, Switzerland). I would like to know if it was possible for a french person to work in a Lab, to be a crime scene Investigator or expert in latent print in the USA ? more


in Careers
by Tiffany05 • | | 4 comments
I need help finding someone who is currently working in forensic science department? If anyone knows some one, can you email me today.

Help me please

in Careers
by Jan Murugan • | | 1 comment
Well i have got a great interest in criminal psychology. And i also think that a career as a crime scene investigator will be cool. So is there anyway to connect both criminal psychology and csi?

Career support

in Careers
by SurfGurl24 • | | 5 comments
Hi I'm Becca from Rapid City, SD also deaf. I'm talked with my vrs about my career, really love CSI myself. Want become collect evidence (searching). What do I need take classes? Deaf can do this job? I'm planning get hearing aids if needs. Becca:)


in Education
by l • | | 1 comment
I want to know how long did you study and what you have to study thx

Entry level jobs/experience

in Careers
by Mary • | | 2 comments
Does anyone know of any entry level CSI positions or any way to gain experience? I will be getting a Master's degree in Crime Scene Investigation but do not know where to look for jobs. Anything would help!

Interview Questions for school

in Careers
by Nikki • | | 1 comment
Can someone please assist? I am in 6th grade and have a project due soon regarding my career choice. I have chosen crime scene investigator and need someone to assist me with some interview questions. 1. What do you enjoy most about your job? 2. What do you enjoy least? 3. Describe more

crime scene investigator

in Careers
by christine • | | 2 comments
I will have an associate degree in criminal justice in August, and was just wondering how much more education must I get before being qualified for a csi position?

Does a Medical Technologist have a chance to become a CSI?

in Careers
by Pauline • | | 1 comment
Hi, I'm currently taking up Medical Technology in college but does having a degree in this field, count when you are trying to become a CSI? or do I need to take-up another course like chemistry, forensic science, etc.? in order for me to apply in this type of job.

Hire IP Investigation Services in Philippines

in Miscellaneous
by james • | | 0 comments
Hii Myself James from Philippines, last year I have some issue regarding my intellectual property. Someone utilize my brand name, and break down the copyrights and patent rule. Then somebody suggested to hire IP Investigation Services in Philippines. They investigate all the matter and more
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