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Suicide/ murder investigation of our mother

in Research
by Anna • | | 3 comments
My family is desperatly looking for someone to help look in our mothers case. The detectives from the minute they walked into her room where she was killed believed something was very wrong !!.. Her husband called it in as a suicide but NO one believed that, not even the detectives. The head more

Qualifications and training

in Careers
by Abigsr • | | 1 comment
I was wondering whether anyone knew what qualifications and training you would need to become a Crime Scene Investigator in the field?

Csi fan

in Careers
by Nathalia • | | 1 comment
Is it possible for me who lives accross the globe in indonesia to become a csi member?

Forensic science VS chemistry

in Education
by Nguyenp123 • | | 1 comment
Would it be better for me to take a course in forensic science or chemistry, biology or physics if I want to work as a criminalist or in a lab?

Should I consider a career change?!

in Careers
by Sara • | | 2 comments
So I graduated with a BSN in 2011 and currently work as a Registered Nurse and have been for a bit over a year now and I've been thinking: "THIS IS NOT FOR ME!" It's just way too much that's expect and way more than I can handle. Everyday I go to work is just horrible... and not too more


in Careers
by Gabriel • | | 1 comment
I have my associates degree in criminal investigations, and I been having a difficult time trying get hired with different agencies. I had lots of hands on experience at my school and have placed that information on my résumé, but each time I apply I get rejected. I would like to know if I do more

Is this a good resource to use for an essay?

in Research
by ladynblu • | | 1 comment
I have an essay due and I wanted to know if this is a reliable resource to gather information from?

Applying for Jobs in America - UK Citizen

in Careers
by Joanne O'Brien • | | 2 comments
I am 25 and currently work for the Police in the UK, and have always wanted to move to America to pursue a Career in Forensic Science / Crime Scene Investigation. I have a BSc Hons in Forensic Science with Biology and have studied a wide variety of modules. Crime Scene Investigation, DNA more

Crime Scene Investigator Job Requirment Question

in Careers
by Parker • | | 1 comment
I go to a college for a 4 year degree in Forensic Investigation. I want to work in the field collecting evidence but was told I need to become a police officer first in order to do so. Is this true? If that is the case, is there anyway I could get around that and still collect evidence?

Crime Scenarios

in Miscellaneous
by Joe Petro • | | 1 comment
I teach CSI to high school students. We are always trying to build new crime scenes the students can work on. If anyone has any ideas or resources, I would appreciate it. Thank you

Education requirements

in Education
by Mirella • | | 1 comment
I just realized that my passion is investigating crime , looking for evidences but sometimes i think is too late for me because i already have a career . I have a bachelor on advertising and p.r and i was wondering what should i study to become a crime scene investigator? Please help me out , more

CSI/Fingerprint jobs in USA for Non-US Citizens

in Careers
by nenadbdc • | | 1 comment
Dear all, I am Bosnian National holding Bachelor's degree in Law, working in the fields of Forensic for 16 years. My last post was Head of Forensic Section in regional Police Department. Previously I worked as Latent Print Examiner, AFIS operator and Crime Scene & EOD Technician. I more


in Careers
by Arianna • | | 2 comments
i would like to be in the crime scene with the police an investigator but i do not know which position i would like to arrest people but yet ill do paper work and so on i dont know to be a crime scene investigator or forensic scientist or forensic psychologist or whch ever position please help

Jobs and qualifications

in Education
by Kayleigh Pottage • | | 6 comments
I know there are obviously many different types of things you can do within CSI, but what sort of grades and subjects would you need for GCSEs and A Levels in order to go into a CSI type job?

Overseas application to CSI Jobs in the USA

in Education
by Kat • | | 1 comment
I am a student from South Africa and will have completed my degree in Biomedical Sciences at the end of this year, next year I plan on studying a Forensic Science honours course. The jobs under the employment section, will these be viable for applicants from other countries? And if so, what more


in Careers
by Dawn • | | 3 comments
I was wondering if there are good websites to post my resume to for employers actively searching for employees. Thank you for your time.

questions about becoming a csi agent

in Careers
by Rebecca • | | 3 comments
i am in high school and i want to be a CSI agent but i have a couple of questions. What would I need to do to become an agent? If I want to solve just homicides, what type of agent do I need to be? Is there a certain school we should go to? do i need a certain degree? do I need to fill out an more
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