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Is it too late for me to get into forensics?

in Careers
by Agoron56 • | | 9 comments
First, I'm sorry if this question has been asked a bunch of times. I'm currently looking to do a major career change and for the first time I feel like I found something I can do that interests me. I started to show an interest in forensics and crime scene investigation only after going to more

Can past jobs effect being hired for a crime scene investigator?

in Careers
by Brooke G. • | | 2 comments
Hello. I am currently a student majoring in biochemistry studying to become a forensic scientist. I have recently gotten the opportunity to pose for playboy magazine but I am extremely hesitant due to the fact that I am concerned that it will effect my ability to be hired as a forensic more

Internships in Connecticut for Crime Scene Investigators

in Careers
by Jen Roy • | | 0 comments
Does anyone know of any places where I should start first for an internship? I am about to graduate from Everest University and I know that most jobs want you to have work experience under your belt. I want to continue on to get my BS in Criminology since it is very hard to get a job with AA. more

Crime Scene Investigation

in Education
by Karen Lopez Tovar • | | 1 comment
What do we have to study to be a Crime Scene Investigator??

gun shot to the chest

in Research
by J • | | 0 comments
If your attacker had you on the ground, he was straddling you and punching you. 1. wouldn't the attacker have your blood on his hands or at the least marks from the punching? 2. If you then managed to shoot him with a hand gun in the chest, which way his the attacker likely to fall? more

Volunteer work in Forensic Science

in Research
by • | | 0 comments
I am currently seek an opportunity to give back to my community in Honolulu, Hawaii to volunteer in Forensic Science data entry into a computer. Does anyone know of any government agency that would gladly assist me in my volunteer services?

Bloodstain Pattern Analyst

in Careers
by Daniel Martinez • | | 3 comments
I already know that trigonometry and physics are required for BPA. But what are some other requirements needed for BPA with a police department? Any informational you can give me would be a great help.

Time stamp in camera and copy machine

in Research
by whatever847 • | | 1 comment
Hi, I need some information for a legal case. I hear cameras camcorders and copy machines have a time stamp embedded in to the hardware software and photos. Im wondering how somebody would go about recovering this information? Thanks for information.

Trayvon Martin case

in Forensic Techniques
by ben • | | 3 comments
I have questions about the DNA testing done in the Trayvon Martin case. Zimmerman stated that Martin was bashing his head into the sidewalk over and over and that Martin broke his nose. There would have been alot of Zimmerman's blood all over Martin's hands. Would the test samples be more


in Education
by Tomasi • | | 2 comments
Iam currently practicing Crime Scene examination but need to learn more..

HELP.....I need a job!!!

in Careers
by byanke • | | 6 comments
I graduated with a Criminal Justice/Latent Evidence degree in 2011. Since then, I have applied to jobs across the country...from Autopsy Tech, to crime scene, to my dream job of Fingerprint Examiner. I have been told I do not have the experience for the I have written, called, more

App for photographic (non-touch) measurement.

in Forensic Techniques
by Psyfire • | | 0 comments
Hello CSI-Network, I'm currently developing and refining an app which enables photographic or image-based measurement of objects. The basic methodology is one places a common-sized object, or reference object near the item they wish to measure, photographs it, and then is able to measure more


in Forensic Techniques
by kathy • | | 1 comment
im studying forensic in my criminal justice class . I want to know what evidence is packages at the crime scene

Starting Crime Scene Investigator Question!

in Careers
by Tina Marie • | | 5 comments
I'm currently in school for CJ Forensic Science specialization. Once I graduate I'm completely confused on how to acquire my CCSI. Do I have to certify before I find employment? Or can I afterwards. I've read I need a year of experience before I can even apply to take the certification test. more
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