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Trauma, Accident & Crime Scene Technicians

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by BioCleanse • | | 0 comments
Have you ever wondered who cleans the mess created after an Accident or Crime??? Well you need trained professionals to do that Job.. If at all you encounter such situation then where do you go? No worries, Bio Cleanse Pty Ltd, are Trauma Clean, Accident & Crime Scene Cleaning more

Considering attending AIU

in Education
by Rachel • | | 2 comments
Crime scene investigation has been a fascination of mine for a long time. It took me several years to realize this is what I want to do with my life. However, I have no intrest in joining the police force. I found a school in Houston Texas (AIU) which has an awesome criminal justice program and more


in Research
by Alex • | | 0 comments
Hi there, I just want to know. What is the difference of the bruised between the arms covering of sweater clothes and leather jacket and an arms without a cover. When you hit with a round metal pipe. Pls help.

Past Drug Usage

in Careers
by JDH • | | 6 comments
I am pursuing a B.S. in Forensic Science and have heard that if you have used drugs in the past, you're automatically disqualified. Is this true if you can pass a drug screen and honestly admit that you have tried drugs in the past but have not used them since making the decision to pursue this more


in Education
by Peachy123 • | | 1 comment
Hello, I'm 14 almost 15 (after the summer holidays i'll be in year 10 -ENGLAND) and i really want this to be my career, i want to collect samples and run tests doing the actually field work and the science part. What lessons and qualifications would i need? I've thought about this for a while more

Forensic Photographer Information

in Careers
by Dominique • | | 2 comments
I am interested in photographing crime scenes for a career. From this site, I've learned that this is called a forensic photographer. Does anyone know how I could get into this field? I am currently attending an art school with photography as a concentration and am in the progress of achieving more

Need a Forensic Photographer

in Research
by Jim Hoffmann • | | 2 comments
Please help... I am a researcher and writer seeking a professional forensic photographer to aid in evaluating photos of the famous crime victim, the Boy in the Box, and his alleged family. This person's help could lead to the solving of the case once and for all. I ask anybody to please more


in Careers
by Tabitha • | | 3 comments
I am currently getting my BA in crime scene investigation, my boyfriend informed me that in order to get a job in the field i am studying i have to pass a credit check or i wont get the job, so my question order for me to acctually get a job in crime scene investigation do i have to more

Documenting the crime scene

in Forensic Techniques
by M Rector • | | 4 comments
Just trying to get an idea of what forms of crime scene documentation are used by various agencies currently; is the traditional method of sketching still prevalent or have few/many adopted "total station" type methods?

Death of young lady considered "undetermined" by coroner

in Research
by ybliku2 • | | 0 comments
How can anything like this happen? A man who is a computer forensic specialist is related to this "person in question" and it is very likely he helped his son clean up a murder. But, how can it be proven? Is it too late to search her phone for the records that might turn this case more

Criminal Justice Degree vs Forensics Degree

in Education
by Nicole • | | 3 comments
I got a B.S in Criminal Justice (Concentration in Forensics) at AIU Online thinking this would help me in accomplishing my goal of becoming a CSI. But I noticed most job postings require a B.S. in Forensics or other natural sciences...Can my degree qualify for these jobs?
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