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Interview Questions For Crime Scene Investigators.

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by DanNi1214 • | | 0 comments
Hi, I'm a highschool student in Richmond.BC.Canada and I'm doing a planning 10 homework on interviewing a person who has the same job as I had wanted to be, so I'm wondering if anyone's kind enough to spend some time on the questions I wanted to ask about. *Answers can be sent to my more

Brief Interview with a High School Student

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by Nina Schulz • | | 0 comments
Hello, my name is Nina Schulz. I am a freshman at Notre Dame Cathedral Latin in Chardon, Ohio. My dream job would be to become a forensic criminalist. I was wondering if I could do a brief interview with you or one of your employees. My list of questions are below. What do you do on a more

...Getting a start in a new state...

in Education
by LongDistanceLove • | | 2 comments
Hello all! My girlfriend graduated from UNLV with a B.A. in Criminal Justice, focusing on becoming a Crime Scene Analyst someday ... This was roughly 3 years ago, as she has been waiting to find her chance to place a foot in the door while allowing me time to finish college ... Recently she more

Contact information for professionals?

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by Taylor Mullins • | | 0 comments
Hi my name is Taylor Mullins, I am a student at Frisco High School and I am currently enrolled in an independent study and mentorship program. My topic of study is forensics and crime scene investigation. In this class I am required to conduct informational interviews with professionals in my more


in Education
by Cheyenne Wright • | | 1 comment
I'm a High School Senior, I want to go to college to become a Crime Scene Investigator and would like to know,would it be smart to become part of the National Guard while going to college? I was also wondering what are some of the best colleges to go to when wanting to become a CSI?

5 questions about Expert Witness Testimony for my college paper *DUE THIS TUESDAY*

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by Alicia Hobbs • | | 1 comment
Interview questions: 1. How does one prepare to make a testimony as an expert witness in court? 2. Can you explain the importance of terminology/word choice when testifying in court? 3. What is the purpose of giving expert witness testimony in court? 4. What are some common more

Is a carrer as a CSI hard on a marriage/family life?

in Careers
by PatchesDucky • | | 1 comment
Working in forensics or as a crime scene investigator would be a dream job. I can't think of a career path that would better suit me, however recently I have been looking closer into turning the possibility into a reality and gathering info as to course work to take to make this possible, more

Crime Scene!!

in Miscellaneous
by BioCleanse • | | 0 comments
Crime Scene ….? A crime scene is a location where a crime took place (or another location where evidence of the crime may be found), and comprises the area from which most of the physical evidenceis retrieved by law enforcement personnel, crime scene investigators (CSIs) or in rare more

lifting prints

in Forensic Techniques
by Becka • | | 1 comment
What is the best way to try and get prints from the inside of latex gloves.

Forensic Tech Photo Practical in three days

in Forensic Techniques
by Meagan • | | 2 comments
I'm competing for only one spot with our Sheriff's Department. I was number three last time and have learned a lot since, but....I was practicing photographing a firearm the other day and was reminded that cross-lighting to bring out detail of the piece of evidence, here the firearm, created a more

Can I work in Forensic in USA

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by Apa • | | 1 comment
Hello Friends, I am from India & I have done my masters in Forensic Science from the top institute in India & also I have been working with the Govt organisation for more than 2 years now. I want to enter into the real Crime Scene Investigation & lack the scope in my country, more

Trauma Cleaning

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by BioCleanse • | | 1 comment
Trauma Cleaning Accidents or deaths of known persons, be at a home or a workplace, is a traumatic time, wherein, the need of sensitivity is paramount without the extra burden on family or friends of having to restore the contaminated area to its former state. Our objective is to restore the more


in Careers
by byanke • | | 5 comments
Recieved my Associates degree with HONORS in Latent Evidence....have been applying for jobs for over 2 yrs now.....haven't gotten anywhere!!! Please explain to me how the HELL I am suppose to get the experience if NO ONE will HIRE without Experience!??! Feel like I have wasted my time and more

Crime Scene Cleaning Equipment

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by BioCleanse • | | 0 comments
It is very important to be suited up before going to the scene. A crime scene may pose many dangers (spread of diseases like Hepatitis, HIV) This is the reason why a professional needs to have the following. 1. Personal protective gear - a non-porous, one-time-use suit, gloves, filtered more

HELP , Reading data from a photo

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by gajdero • | | 0 comments
Reading data from a photo Welcome I appeal to you to help read the data from the image: contact information on the warranty It's that piece of paper on top of the data is that very need I have tried various programs zoom in and unfortunately the pixels jump. If anyone has a contact who more

Masters in Investigative Forensics

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by jec4585 • | | 2 comments
I currently have a BS in Criminal Justice and a BA in Sociology. Would if be worth it if I go for a masters in Investigative forensics?? I'm worried that it will be hard for me to get a job dealing with forensics or crime scene investigations as my undergraduate degrees are not focused in an more

Crime scene tech/ forensics

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by Stephany s • | | 4 comments
I'm just starting keiser to get my AS to become a crime scene tech and later on to further my education to be a forensics. My question is do they both have a set time of working or will I have to be called randomly to work or go back into work. I really feel like this is for me but then again I more
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