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is this possible?

in Careers
by someone • | | 1 comment
hi, I wanted to ask you, is it possible for me to get in to forensics with a degree in medicine or is it necessary to do a forensics degree... also, i'd really like to work in the USA so can this really happen? I've checked the whole website but still am not sure so yeah..

Any professionals?

in Research
by Andrew K. • | | 0 comments
I'm conducting a career study report for my Criminal Forensics class. My assignment requires an interview (through email) with a professional in the field of criminal forensics. If it is possible for you or anyone else in your unit to answer a few questions, I would greatly appreciate it. more

Close Up CSI Photography Class in Orange County, CA

in Education
by OCFIA • | | 0 comments
The Orange County Forensic Investigator's Association is presenting a Close Up Photography Class in Westminster (Orange County, CA) on Friday, November 8. The class is for forensic investigators working in the field, new employees, and even for students that wish to get into CSI work and want more

Regarding about a CSI

in Research
by Anibel • | | 0 comments
To Whom It May Concern, I would like to email a CSI about how their daily routine is when working as a CSI. email me at I would appreciate you for helping me on a school project. Sincerely, Anibel


in Education
by Chelsea Deleon • | | 1 comment
what grades do you need to become a CSI?


in Education
by Daniel J H • | | 2 comments
My name is Daniel and im about to graduate high school. I want to be a crime scene investigator then work my way up to become a criminalist. What degree should I get so I can get my dream job?

Eligible Lists

in Careers
by Lainie • | | 2 comments
So I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on what becomes of eligible lists? I have had a few interviews or applied for jobs where they have come back telling me I am qualified and I will be put on an eligible list for six months to a year, and I may be contacted further. I never seem more

non us citizen

in Careers
by Layla • | | 1 comment
hey, I'm interested in forensic science; however I'm the international student who is studying in master degree in U.S.. I'm not U.S. citizen so if I transfer to Forensic science program would I hard to find a job in U.S.? I was thinking about transfer my major to forensic science or finish more

Getting a Job out of State?

in Careers
by Stephanie J • | | 1 comment
Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help me I am currently trying to get a Crime Scene, Forensic Scientist job anywhere and need some help. I do not have the money to fly all over the country I am willing to pay to go to a couple places but how do I get a job out of state and without flying more

CSI Marker App

in Miscellaneous
by Scott Voit • | | 2 comments
There is a new App available for the IPhone and IPad. The CSI Marker app is available at the Apple App Store. The app is designed to assist Crime Scene Investigators to place a professional marker in every photo. The App allows you to pick from four changeable spools of letters and numbers more

processing chemicals

in Forensic Techniques
by Laura Brown • | | 1 comment
I am a Crime Scene Investigator with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. We would like to mix our own chemicals such as ninhydrin instead of purchasing the premixed stuff. When using ninhydrin crystals, what solvent do you use for mixing? Do you find that mixing your own chemicals is more more

Need To Interview a CSI for College Project, please help!

in Research
by Tiffany • | | 0 comments
I need to interview a CSI for a college project so if someone could please help me out it would be great. I can't use several people it has to be one person, if you would please help me it would be great. So if you can email me at and are willing to help that would be more

Bump Key, What is this? An unethical danger.

in Miscellaneous
by In4mer • | | 0 comments
Not sure if anyone here has heard of these keys out on the market. They are called bump keys. These keys are a danger to the general public, in conjunction with various forms of organized crime, or what has now been termed as "gang stalking". Now, days organized crime, I would more

Need some advice

in Careers
by Joe • | | 1 comment
I've never really done the whole "forum" thing; I've usually just asked close friends for advice. But, I've come to realize that I have no friends in the situation that I'm currently in. So, it seems like this might be my best option. I have an Associates in Criminal Investigations more

latent fingerprints

in Forensic Techniques
by Ricardo • | | 3 comments
Can latent fingerprints be found on dead bodies?

possible break in

in Research
by red • | | 3 comments
My friend was asleep at her country home, her two kids in her room, her husband working an overnight shift. She didn't hear someone trying to dislodge her front door. Her dogs apparently didn't bark or didn't wake her with any barking. (they're in a kennel in the house) And her outside dog didn' more

Need experience/job!!

in Careers
by Brianna • | | 3 comments
HELP!! I've graduated with BA in Criminal Justice along with a certificate in Paralegal. I had a change of heart and would love to be involved in crime scene investigations. Where am I supposed to find experience? I have contacted my county prosecutor as well as different sources. No one has more

Lead Forensic Specialist/Latent Print Examiner Exam

in Careers
by Joseph • | | 1 comment
Just got an email that I've been accepted for the examination process next week. Just wondering what exactly I would need to study for the Exam. -is the history of fingerprinting common in these exams? (had a friend who took an exam for san bernardino and even asked the size of a ten print more
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