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Forensic Science vs. Hard Science

in Education
by Erica • | | 2 comments
If you want to be a CSI, is it better to get a degree in a hard science like biology and chemistry or is it better to get a degree in forensic science? I know some agencies will accept either, but which is preferable?

Degree Requirements

in Education
by Erica • | | 2 comments
If I want to be a CSI, many of the job postings say that one degree they'd accept is biology. How does one with a biology major become a CSI? Would I have to take additional classes or training? What's the best choice of a major?

sallaries and allowances for Crime Scene Investigators

in Research
by Peter Tafa • | | 1 comment
1. Can anyone please give pay amount for a newly trained CSI in the UK, further more the allowances and amount which is paid to CSI's. 2. Can the constant and continuous use of fingerprint powders cause illness for someone in the long run, if so what is the best practice to apply in order to more


in Education
by Desiree • | | 0 comments
Im a senior in high school. I graduate in May, and I was just wondering where I should start to be a CSI. What classes I need to take in college?

Job Shadowing

in Research
by JC • | | 1 comment
Hey everyone, I'm a Colorado high school senor currently enrolled in a government class that requires me to shadow someone for a day and I have always had an interest in crime scene analysis. I am also planning on going to college to study CSI, so this would be a great way for me to see if this more


in Careers
by Christal Ingerman • | | 3 comments
Hi I am currently a Junior in high school and I had a question about this possible career choice. Ive always been interested in Journalism and for a while I looked into Investigative Journalism. I decided I really wanted to work with Crime Scene Investigating as well. But Ive read that to more

Posters for training

in Resources
by Paul McElvein • | | 1 comment
I am interested in purchasing any posters that can be used for training purposes such as blood spatter, hairs and fibers, ballistics, etc.. These photos would be used in the classroom to show the respective item of evidence. If anyone knows of a vendor or source please advise. Paul more

I want to be a CSI

in Education
by Song K. • | | 1 comment
Hi, Im a freshman in a 4 year colloege. Im a pre med student but I wants to become a crime scene investigator I googled how to become a CSI and many were not good information anyone who works in CSI field please tell me 1) what is good major 2) best CSI colloege 3) step by more

Forensic Technician

in Careers
by Daniel Martinez • | | 1 comment
What knowledge is required for a Forensic Technician? Also, do the Forensic Technician go in a lab and at the scene of the crime? What do they specialize in? Any information will be of great contribute to me!


in Forensic Techniques
by Marty • | | 1 comment
I have more than 30 years experience as a police officer, park ranger, and search and rescue training officer. Over the years I have studied and taught man tracking. I have used this knowledge mostly for locating people and in a limited way for crime scene investigation. I would like to expand more

non-us citizen career opportunities

in Careers
by Trish • | | 1 comment
hi! i was wondering if as a non-us citizen who already graduated in medicinal chemistry and biotechnology (not in the us), and is staying here for some time as a visiting student, can i start working in forensic science after my program is done? i would even be able to start another masters more

Non-lethal weapons

in Miscellaneous
by klgoode31 • | | 1 comment
To all current and past CSI's... Do any of you currently or in the past carried some form of non-lethal self defense weapon while in the field? I know that there are police officers and detectives at these scenes that we are working, I think I would feel better with some form or protection. more

Career as a CSI

in Careers
by JVH13 • | | 4 comments
Hello, I live and breathe everything CSI and forensics. I am currently enrolled in a college known for their CSI/FS program. I was just wondering what types of things employers are looking for in a candidate. I am constantly (at least once a week) on this site in the Job section just reading more

Require a person studying to be a CSI who is looking for a challenge

in Miscellaneous
by Sandra Swan • | | 0 comments
I am looking for a CSI student that is looking for a project to do. It is an interesting case. Please call 226-374-5674 for more information. Looking for someone preferably in. Southwestern Ontario.
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