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Psychology vs Forensics

in Education
by Symantha • | | 1 comment
Can i become a Crime Scene Technician or CSI with a major in psychology and minor in forensic science? After obtaining the major in psychology i plan on going into grad school for forensic studies.

College Degree

in Education
by Symantha • | | 0 comments
As of right now I am a Natural Science major with a specialization in Forensic Science and a minor in Psychology. However, this college does not seem to be benefiting me. No kind of internships, or any kind of help in the forensic field besides a couple of basic classes. My goal in life career more


in Research
by Eric • | | 4 comments
I was wondering if a police officer finds a letter next to the body of a suicide victim, and it's addressed to his wife or ex-wife, and he's been known to stalk her in the past, can the officer open the letter. I would think that if it was not addressed to him, and there was no note of drugs or more

making schools or colleges forensic

in Education
by augus • | | 0 comments
instructions and assistance please My name agus from Indonesia, what is the procedure to make schools or colleges to be working together across the country, because my country there are no schools or courses for civilian managed by the private sector. I really expect any help and information. more


in Careers
by Amy • | | 1 comment
I have two felonies that are 13 and 14 years old can I still be part of the forensics force in any kind of way I really love forensics but because of them I was told I cannot do anything friends it because it's part of police force do not except people who are expelling's so please somebody get more

Testing Advice

in Careers
by Joe • | | 2 comments
I was accepted to test for a couple of organizations but not 100% sure what to expect. Are these tests designed to test level of knowledge in the crime scene investigations? Or, are they more like the ASVAB where they test mathematics, reading comprehension, etc....? Any test prep advice that more

course of inspection of documents

in Education
by augus • | | 0 comments
where i can take online courses for document examination, forensic handwriting and signature. please help and petunjukanya, I lived diIndonesia. tidakk my country because there is forensic to civil schools. thank you. agus gunawan salute.

Criminal Justice Graduate - Wants CSI Tech/Specialist Opportunity

in Careers
by Jonathan K. • | | 1 comment
I graduated with my Associates degree in Criminal Justice. I am very much interested starting in an entry level Crime Scene Specialist/Tech role. I don't see many openings in Georgia. How difficult is it to break into a role like this? I know I would excel in a position like this. Any more

Best courses for firearms and toolmarks.

in Education
by Douglas • | | 0 comments
I am a recent graduate from ITTs criminology and forensics courses in the Inland empire. I do have some real life experience with operations from overseas as a part of a Police Transition Team. I would like to take some courses on firearms and tool marks but can't seem to find a college that more

University Courses to become a Crime Scene Investigator?

in Education
by Serena • | | 0 comments
Hello, I'm Serena and I am almost graduating from high school. I want to become a crime scene investigator and I plan on majoring in biology and minoring in criminology. Do you think my choices are good?
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