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How to get a job in the forensic field when you already have the degree?

in Careers
by Calandra Haynes • | | 2 comments
Hello, I am a graduate and I live in North Carolina. I am a graduate from Walden University I have earned a M.S. in Forensic Psychology specialization mental health applications my G.P.A. 3.8 I have always maintained a strong work ethic and maintained high grades during undergraduate and more

CSI Training

in Careers
by snowdogx1 • | | 2 comments
I am a 50 year old male desiring to make a career change into CSI, hopefully utilizing some of the skills I already have in video production. But I don't know where to start. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I can't afford a lot of time or money for new training considering my age.

apply a job

in Careers
by Soraia Lagoas • | | 2 comments
Hello, Can I apply for any jobs on this site once I have a Portuguese citizenship?

Please help!! Criminal Investigator Interview Request

in Research
by Jody • | | 0 comments
Hello, I am taking a class in criminal investigation and one of my assignments is that I have to interview a criminal investigator. I live in a very small town and have contacted the only investigator I know and another police officer. Both stated they would help me but have yet to do so, more


in Education
by conny • | | 0 comments
i completed my matric and was doing sciences,so what subject should i study to become a crime scene investigator?

need to know for the eligibility and information

in Careers
by L • | | 0 comments
I am a non US citizen ,i get to know being an non-US Citizen i should be a citizenship holder , ,i had read your replies , that had been posted in the earlier queries, I did understand how to get the citizenship, . sorry for being a attitude girl . ,Its just to know directly to point of more


in Education
by Pranavi • | | 1 comment
I am a sophomore in high school and I plan to take up criminal investigation in police as a career for myself. Is it necessary to study biology in high school if I don't wanna be in Forensics? Just homicide investigation. Thank you.

What Kind of Crime Job am I Describing?

in Careers
by H • | | 3 comments
I want to work with something to do with crime. I was wondering what job sounds most like what I am describing: - works with forensic stuff but not always in the lab - goes to crime scenes - helps deduce the crime - takes pictures - talks to victims and witness Oh and what's the more

Forensic Facial Reconstruction Software

in Research
by Kristin • | | 0 comments
Hello all, my agency is looking into buying a facial reconstruction software product for composites. Does anyone have experience with the Identi-Kit system? If so do you like it? Is it better than other software systems out there? Any feedback would be useful! Thanks!

Becoming a CSI

in Education
by Shannel • | | 0 comments
Hello, I had a question on what to study to be come a crime scene investigator. I'm currently thinking of doing my A.S on crime scene technology but i wanted to know if im on the right track, and if i am what should i do next. Would I have to become a cop? I'm a little confused and hopefully more

Becoming a CSI

in Careers
by Nicole • | | 0 comments
I'm from Scotland and about to complete my Bsc Honours degree in Forensic Science. I was wondering what are the steps to achieving a job.

Another country

in Careers
by AruanĂ£ • | | 0 comments
Hi! How can I become a CSI if I'm brazilian?

Forensic Criminal Investigation

in Careers
by Andrea • | | 0 comments
Hello, I graduated less than a month ago with a bachelor in Forensic Criminal Investigation. I am currently looking for the next step in my career. I am currently applying to the Marines and looking for a job as an investigator. But, certainly I don't know what should I do. I want to go back to more

Correct term for blood analysis?

in Education
by JVH13 • | | 3 comments
I have heard three different terms in my life so far, and was wondering which one is the "correct" or "most commonly used" by professionals today! Is it: Blood SPATTER Analysis? Blood SPLATTER Analysis? or Blood Stain Analysis?

FBI vs Local Authority CSI at a crime scene

in Research
by J.R. Hampton • | | 2 comments
I'm a writer. I've got a scene (in Houston) where a suspect is shot by a sniper during an FBI takedown. Would local authorities respond with homicide detectives and their own CSI team and Coroner? Or would the FBI use their own people? Thanks!
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